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  1. Awesome event! I enjoyed reading the objective names a lot as well, very creative!
  2. Are you referring to @Volin here?
  3. Did you get the 100bfp before you tried the mini booster? You can only get 1 of the 2 as it says here:
  4. Totally agree! Awesome tournament!!!!!
  5. My suggestions for the card would be: - Bandit Annihilator - Bandit Dragon - Bandit Dune Dragon -
  6. Great update as always! The team is doing an awesome job, keep it up! I'm so proud to be a part of this and so can you! Please check out if any of the open roles fits your skills and time.
  7. Sorry, Never played in EA times. I did watch my cousin play a couple of times. I remember the Giant Wyrm.
  8. I totally agree with treasure fleet (not because of my ranking ) To play the map the normal way, I really enjoy Nightmares end, Mo, and Blight. For speedrunning, my favorite is Convoy. And my newly discovered love for Nightmare Shard
  9. Happy Halloween everyone!
  10. hmm as an ultimate frost spell ( 4x frost orb), how about absolute zero?
  11. Viridya is one of the promo's I use the most actually. In many casual runs on pve, in rpve in some decks and in pvp in my shadow deck.
  12. Please go to our Discord and contact us via #contact-staff.
  13. My favorite card(s) would be the Nether Warps. It is so much fun to use and so versatile. Both cards warps friendly and hostile units a short distance. The green affinity heals all units affected an the blue affinity slows them all down to walk speed. Both sides of the card requires ground presence to cast. In pvp, you can use it to dodge important spells from your opponent like a Coldsnap or abilities like the Timeless One. It is also great to combine it with cards like cultist masters to get the Nightcrawlers right into the action. Nether Warp can also be used to get your enemy away fro
  14. Hmm, I wanted to choose Shadow/Nature (Amii), but that option is not there
  15. Hello Franaty, On 18-12-2020 was the full release of the game. All account have been reset. Which was announced since the start of the Beta. On release, there have been multiple quests and achievements added to the game which makes early progression very rapid. Kind regards, Dutchy
  16. Hey Krasy, Your t1 is in both decks perfect. Mountaineers is mainly a personal preference. Alternatives could be War eagle or Stormsinger. On t3 I experienced that 1 unit is overall enough, especially with spell support. My choice would be the Core Dredge, but Avatar works too. Shrine of Martyrs should be an auto-include in a pure frost deck with freeze spells. On t4 you run 4 different units. I would cut battleship as it feels a bit out of place, I would pair it more with a construct deck. I wouldn't run Amii Monument -> Regrowth. The sustain you got from the Dreadnought + all the shields
  17. New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00
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