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  1. Just for clarification: 1) EA introduced the idea of speedruning - there are also special ranks for it. So in consequence we will also try to make/introduce improvements for speedruns in Skylords Reborn 2) We are not just 8 players - we are more then 20. In the past when new pve ranks were introduced a lot players were playing speedruns. Here in the forum we are maybe 8 that have the motiviation to discuss with players like you 3) We dont leave and give orb and wells to other players -this proofs you dont have any clue about speedrunning. You would see disconnected in the rankin
  2. Killian i could add to every single comment you gave also my comments - but i just want to give you my feedback to the quoted one above. I really disagree with you in most of the points you gave. For me you have no clue about speedrunning. You call it cheaty? We dont cheat we understand the maps and we are using the right cards for it. A lot of our speedruns just using the normal way to play - but really fast. I am also able to play every map in the normal way with nearly every deck. You are talking about abusing game mechanics? Look at your so glory pvp community - when there is a c
  3. Update blight trio 22.0.4 - will be improved for sure.
  4. So you just care for pvp and not pve? In my opinion this is not the right way. Look at the votings - where are the big number of pvp-players that are waiting for the reset? Why they did not vote yet? I think the active community that also takes care of the game is small. So it would be a good idea also to take pve/rpve and also speedrunners into consideration for balance changes....if not you will reduce the active community even further. So for what reason the votings are running right now if decisions are already fixed by Kubik? Also i am sure we understand his reasoning but he also
  5. Are you really playing a lot of pve? Because i am 100% sure a beginner will not be able to finish a lot of maps ( e.g. blight, guns of lyr, nightmare shard etc.) just because having amii-monument or enlightment in his deck. Why should expert maps just should be for experts? This makes no sence - also experienced beginners should get in touch with this maps and there should be cards that can help them to play it more like in a fun way without training every day. Also i dont think that this cards can totally compensate skill - i played thousands of pve games and still i often see players th
  6. I really dont understand the discussion about soultree and amii-monument. I have the same opinion like Lebo has. What about other maps? It is ok for guns of lyr just to finish the 2 main camps and trigger the final attack wave? So we skip all the mechanics with Kobold-Techniki. It is ok for KOTG to change the way of Rogan and Jorne? Is it ok for Sunbridge to switch the gate every 30 seconds and therefore avoid big incoming? Is is ok for crusade to change the way of the magma hurlers? Is it ok for a alot of maps to block the income so that no new income will spawn? I dont see a big differe
  7. Please define what is balance in battleforge for you? With the existing cards and how they work you can create a lot of different tactics - so why i should want to have balance changes in pve? I dont see any balance problems in pve - many players here try to see problems/balance problems but what about to accept the current mechanism and in consequence how the game works. Is this not the reason why you like to play battleforge? I will give you some examples: -Amii-Monument - i have no problem to play with or without Amii-Monument - for speedruns for sure i will use it - but is
  8. New time for slavemaster solo for the moment - 23.54.
  9. What about adding an exra ability to this cards - for some energy you can activate the speedbuff for some seconds - after there is a cooldown? You also could add some extras like speedbuff increase is depending on level of void or same units around it and so on. Like Lebo mentioned - just perma speed buff at same damage lvl will be to overpowerd.
  10. Oh i am sooooooooooooo shocked We waiting to c an exiting replay for the community to learn from! Oh wait - maybe its not just me who is not willing to share a replay to the community ?! Please keep us updated
  11. I am same opinion like you. We need to adjust the rankings according to the changes that may will applied. It also makes sence to have a separate list with the old all time timings until the changes were applied. The bug of Halis was just the example - like i stated this also counting for other bugs. But still bugs that give you free energy or you can spawn units for free or kill sth. that should not be killed with this ability is for me a bigger problem than do have an slightly overpowered amii-monument, nightguard that can take t2 units ...you still need the tactic to come to this point
  12. I am really not the expert what kind of information you can get from the replay without watching and just analysing the hex. Had just the idea that it may can be possible to find a fixed part in the hex of the replay e.g. stampede bug of bloodhorn - if there is the information stampede was used at a certain point. So you are right the use of cards and card combinations can be different depending on the situation. So if there is no 100% save way to check the replay with hex for the use of a already fixed bug this will not work. So just somebody can watch the replay and charge it manually.
  13. Ok this is an opionion - but the times that are collected here and also in the thread of Mephisto are forever - there will be no reset. Just to think about one option. Would it be possible to check the older/existing replays for a card/played card combination without watching by analysing the hex-code or sth like this? So who wants is sending the replay to sb. who is checking it and you get a feedback/rating if its valid/non valid based on the current game status? So we could add a proofed sign or sth like this?
  14. Hello guys - even with the risk that there will be again an emotional discussion i have to ask again for the bug Halis found out. May this time i will ask in another way...i want to concentrate on the bug itself or bugs in general and not on Halis. What we know: There is a bug Halis found out and this bug will give you an advantage in some way to finish the map faster. Also the devs are informed about this bug and they informed that they will try to fix this bug. So now there is my question : How we handle pve speedrun times that we performed by using this bug after the bug was fixed
  15. Blight updated: 35.40 now in Solo mode.
  16. Hm i think having all the cards / or the important cards was not a problem for most of the players playing this game in the past -but for sure f2p will make it much easier now. Anyway the time will show what is possible.
  17. In basis this is right - but dont forget - since bf reborn is back we were able to beat also really old speedrun times - so for the moment this are the fastest times ever done for this maps. For me there is no best team - just best tactics. If you know how everybody can do it with a bit more or less training. I also just can say from my point of view that 3 player runs are less interesting because the tactics can be really similar compared to play the map with 4 players. The difference is bigger with playing a map just with 2 or 1 players. But for sure it is also good to have a 3 player all t
  18. Small update for blight : 39.51 now in single mode (ranking place 6 in this moment) - will do a faster time in the next days...replay will be published as soon as the best run in my opinion is done from my side.. Next question regarding titans solo mode: In December 2018 i did 16.07.X (somebody has to check the replay for exact time). If i post the replay here - is it possible to update the time for titans solo based on this replay or does is not count because the rankings were not active during this time? The replay is also on YouTube : For checking i can give the replay f
  19. I could comment on all litte details you gave in this post - but do i want this? The answer is no - because you are doing the same - you also try to call out toxic behaviour against me :-D we could go on and on and on - there would be no end. My answers just were the reactions on your last post - so dont flame against things i was writting about when you were asking/refering it in your last post before. Last point: Also it is funny that you are stating that the tactics were not developed by me or my team without the knowledge how our tactics look like - that is the funniest point at
  20. Regarding rpve two player: Me and Treim discussed the time of your run - when Treim is saying to me it is not possible to him to finish it in this time then this is the only fact that counts for me here. Also it makes no sence to compare at this point with the time finished by two players. To finish the map with two players is completely different compared to one player. You are a really funny guy at this point - the bugs i am using for Titans are well known for years and they are just possible for this map. This bugs are accepted by the community. Also there are a lot of more poin
  21. Navarr i dont know what is wrong with you but i think there was to much sun for you during easter holidays?! But its entertaining - so lets go on. Me and my pve mates have shared a lot of tactics for rpve + pve in the last months - also i was giving you and also other players ideas how to finish some maps. We explained in other discussions why we will not simply give out the replays of our speedruns. You should start to really train the maps on your own and not just copy every tactic you will see in replays of other players without the basic speedrun understanding of this maps. I know thi
  22. It depends how strong the bug/exploit is influencing the gameplay - e.g. the bloodhorn stampede bug was totally broken + stacked wheels and also second chance too. If you can use a bug/exploit to get unlimited free energy or getting units for free you completely change the game mechanism and nearly every map pve-map is just a joke for speedruns. Some bugs/exploits seems to be a part of the game for years and are accepted by the community - but in my opinion there has to be a limit - some guys here have not reached the playing level like other players and try to compensate this with using more
  23. You are a shame for the speedrun community? Officialy asking for green light to use your bug always? Ask yourself how you could finish rpve motm 2 player map (march) alone with this bug and in such a way that you were much faster than Treim or any other experienced rpve-player ever could do without using the bug....this should be answer enough or not? . This is all i have to say from my side to this hypocritical question. Anyway i dont have to decide this...
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