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  1. Y'all killing it. This game is 10x better than it was before it was discontinued.
  2. Are all the cards in the Cardbase tab staying updated with the balance changes being actively put out?
  3. TreyDog3

    Auction House

    i think it did say in one of there videos
  4. TreyDog3

    New cards

    those cards are pretty sweet
  5. i just thought it would be cool but ino it would take a lot of work in designing the creatures agian but i would rather just have the game come out sooner
  6. TreyDog3


    it would be pretty cool if there were more upgrades for a card it would make for a higher limit to deck level and more to play for making troops stronger but not overpowered
  7. TreyDog3

    Booster pack prices

    booster packs were fine on how they were
  8. I think it would be cool if after an upgrade it changed the apperence of the unit making it look cooler
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