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  1. Thank god there's no more tokens, the idea to scrap them is spectacular ?
  2. Really late vindicated haha, I have a feeling more and more streams will go live very very soon.
  3. He likes nature decks [hr] [quote='ladadoos' pid='7885' dateline='1437341034'] Alredy said that. [/quote] Wow u ruined my nature deck comment :(
  4. When i found this site i was like "wow, my favorite PC game ever created is actually coming back!"
  5. Eirias [quote='KyleSull' pid='7539' dateline='1437275988'] United States! And wow im the only one :o [/quote] I'm here too :) Which state are you from? O sweet! Thought i was all alone, i didn't see your name on the list.
  6. This PvP guide brought back a ton of old memories, both the good ones of owning before the shutdown and the bad ones of losing a well fought game by one minor mistake. This guide will defintely help a player new to the battleforge community, the guide is also pretty well written and easy to understand. Good job dude!
  7. The podcast was great! Very informational and it seems that you guys are willing to put in the effort that EA did not. This game will become legendary once again and the only reason it will return to its former prosperity is because of you guys and your determination. Thanks once again for putting in the effort where others wouldn't.
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