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  1. 1486 Someone missed some numbers
  2. New Smithy to the forge! Welcome!
  3. Great idea! So i won't have to click that page every hour
  4. @EranShoval Can teach you how to trade, and use the market
  5. Oh, where did they say this? Was about to suggest this when first saw the latest stream.. Thought they will randomly choose from registered members. Which would be bad.
  6. This topic won't be updated any soon :l Last time he came on was 8th of November
  7. So at the beginning of the game you will need gold badly.. Later obviously when you played a lot, and most of your cards ar upgraded, you won't need more gold, or not that much. So gold just seems useless later, since later it has no usage.
  8. After a while it is. But as a beginner you spend a lot gold to upgrade cards.
  9. You call a promo as "little something"? If some people would start with such a card, they would have a huge advantage in any game mode against those who didn't get anything... As Ladadoos said, your reward for your patiente is to be able to play the game after a long time... That will be more than enough
  10. I don't see any necessarity for this to be honest. Donations will be open once we have a company manager, people will be free to donate whenever they want. Your idea would just give fancy ranks or what not to people who donated... This maybe motivates people to donate more, or more often. But that just doesn't feels good to me. And this suggestion doesn't belongs to this topic in my opinion
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