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  1. Azta


    1. Fauchderial


      The weebs will cleanse this world

  2. Bruh where are youuuuuu


    You need to get Absolver

    1. sylvix95
    2. Azta


      hm? You are not Eran :thinking:

  3. BATTLERITE?????????

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    2. EranShoval


      I'll play it when it's f2p looks like a nice game

    3. Azta
    4. fre5h


      @Ultrakool Why would it be blasphamy? It isn't B)

  4. Natureorb.jpg >>> Shadoworb.jpg Frost.jpg Fire.jpg


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    2. Ultrakool


      Photoshop :kappa: And I think the wrathgazer will beat those swifties

    3. EranShoval


      The amount of midget M size units here is too low. :rogan:

    4. Ultrakool


      @EranShoval So you add another one, gr8

    1. Ladadoos


      Gwhat?! Someone actually made this...

    2. Azta


      I'm not surprised :D

    3. Kiwi


      Well then.. XD 

  5. Nature above all :kappa:

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    2. Azta


      No no no no.. Light burns a hole thru the shadow! And opens a way to enlighten whats behind it!

    3. Kaliber84


      @anonyme0273 You are wrong that Shadow is the oldest element. The first one created was actually Nature (see quote from lore book below). But I believe that Frost existed even before it was an element itself because as it is essentially the absence of energy itself, it would have existed before energy was created as then energy would have been absent everywhere.

      From the lore book:
      ire split and shattered the surface of the earth. Then giant rainstorms threatened to tear its surface away and the wind threatened. So Earth created a defense. It formed the trees, to hold the earth with their roots and shield it from the wind and drink the rain. Thus the element of nature was created, the first of the young elements."

      Fairly I'll also add the creation of Frost:
      "Now, with the elements still locked in war, a new threat crashed to the earth. It came from beyond the blackness, from another place and world. Huge lumbering beings of stone, like walking cities, rose from the crash site and began to build. They razed the forests and began to cover all of the earth’s surface with a gigantic stone city, an empty, eerie palace. All this in preparation for their vicious masters whose arrival they awaited.

      In self defense, the elements forgot their struggle and turned upon the invaders. The plants wove their roots and vines through the invaders’ city and the winds and mists united in creating the frost, covering the colossi with ice, freezing the invasion army in a titanic crust."

      I have to correct myself. :S Once I dove a bit deeper into the lore book I found that Nature is just the first of the younger elements but actually the third element created.
      The order in which the elements were created is Shadow, Fire, Nature, Frost. While this doesn't change my opinion I don't want to spread wrong information.

      "The universe began in light. Two beings existed, each utterly different but with a harmony and a bond between them so strong it gave form to the light and became the magic we see shaped into spells today.

      But as is the way of all things, those two could never be truly equal. And as the concepts of power and dominance slowly dawned upon them, their first and only fight broke loose. Suffice to say – the one slew the other. The victim’s blood flowed, black and cold like the vile deed that spilled it. And as it flowed and it flowed, it soaked the universe in its black, freezing essence, draining away the light. To this day it is called the Shadow, the taint of pain and despair."

      "The other being, the victorious slayer, now realised the loss and loneliness and understood that his only equal was gone. And with that discovery came pain, pain so fierce it became fire. Fire which he cried like tears, sprinkling the blood-soaked blackness of the universe, his every tear becoming a shining star."

    4. anonyme0273


      "Shadow is the oldest of the powers. Formed from the blood of the very First Victim, it is the taint of sin that soaked a universe of light. Its stain forever reminds us of that original vile deed. Shadow's essence is pain and terror, but it also feels the urge to break free and to endure. Those bound to Shadow are ready to suffer endless pain and give their lives to achieve their ends. They live between death and life, bearing risk to gain power."

      -The Elemental Powers

      I see you corrected yourself.

      @Azta Light is just a temporary power over Shadow, while Shadow is the total absence of light, nothing, darkness and terror, connected to fear and curiosity of the new that awaits. Only light can discover the realms of Shadow, but all light has to come to an end. It is inevitable, so all parts of Shadow that will be revealed will fade back in to Shadow with time. Shadow is, was, and always will be timeless. Memories will fade, light will be forgotten and Shadow will rule again. No overcoming it. 

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