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  1. Ice shields + buffs is a rather inconsistent interaction. For some cards like Ward of the North Ice Shield stacking doesn't work, but single target dmg reductions, like lifeweaving or toggle based dmg reductions (defender, imperials etc.) should work as intended.
  2. Frost Sorc dp20 is lower than displayed (210/225/250/275)* Cannon Tower dp20 is higher than displayed (1750/1825/2000/2085) Stone Tempest dp20 is lower than displayed (750/800/900/1030) Magma Hurler dp20 is lower than displayed (1500/1500/1500/1500) *The four numbers are the different upgrade values (U0/U1/U2/U3)
  3. @WindHunter Corpse explosion plays a big part in pure Shadow to reach consistent results against pure Fire as it provides a reliable and quick removal of the Rallying banner + Enforcer attack pattern, which helps alot in reaching the Harvester breakpoint, that ends up winning the matchup. In addition to that it also helps removing aggressive towers, that are built into an Aura of Corruption, therefore giving you more freedom to use this spell to punish things like stonekin army attacks. I agree, that Corpse explosion might be not the easiest card to use, but it is by far the strongest c
  4. I hope you all like the PvP decks. If you have any questions regarding specific card choices, feel free to ask! I will try to provide our reasonings for the decisions. Our priorities during deck construction were the following ones: -> Create beginner friendly decks, that immediately perfom well in PvP games without any changes and don't require high end micro to be playable in 80k-110k base elo range -> Create competitive decks, that can be played in 110k base elo and above with no to few adjustments -> Provide a solid overview about the current meta, so pl
  5. We might be able to talk about this in a few years, but right now it would create more problems than solutions for balancing. Only a few decks do have sufficient options, that really improve decks at higher slot numbers. If almost every deck has 35+ truly viable cards for PvP, an increase might be an option, but for now most decks would just overload their T3's or add oppressive conditional strategies rather than providing more interesting game dynamics. Stonekin is the only exception right now as it has many different unique and viable T2/3 cards, that are not used for slot
  6. The Award Ceremony is here. I watched more than 100 matches, so things were kind of hard to decide. Alot of replays will be cast on my channel at some point in time, since there were alot of great matchups! Thanks for making this tournament great an I hope to announce another one at some point (can't really tell a date though, might take some months). But let's get to the awards: Award: Most intense match of the tournament #5 Fodasseman (Shadow Nature) vs Showaren (Shadow Frost) (200bfp for both players) #4 Ultrakool (Fire Nature) vs thelight288 (Shadow Fro
  7. Main stream tourney VOD is available now. I will update this post here after uploading the other one to avoid further doubleposting!
  8. I really hope the export to youtube function works, I have to upload 2 15GB files otherwise ^^ btw. I've got more than 100 replays already, thank you guys! I will try to upload some of them on youtube & announce the award winners as soon as possible, might take a little bit of time though because of these high numbers.
  9. What a tournament! Thanks to everyone who participated, we had some entertaining, high quality games on stream today and I'm looking forward to watch all your replays in the upcoming days. It might take a while, but I will announce the award winners here once I finished watching all games! And our final Tournament results for everyone, who didn't get to watch it. 7th-8th Place: Impossible / Fodasseman 5th-6th Place: Navarr / Deldrimor 4th Place: Draken, taking the 1500 bfp price 3rd Place: Hyp3r, taking the 2000 bfp + Juggernaut price 2nd Place: Dr
  10. Yeah that's reasonable. Added the rule to the main post!
  11. I wanted to keep my banlist rather simple. Phasetower, Mortar and Cursewell seemed to be the most oppressive cards, especially when I think about how previous tournaments played out. SunWu already gave a good explanation for my decision to ban out Mortar Tower. There also are some very powerful mortarspots on maps like Elyon where it's possible to build them protected by cliffs, while still being in range to directly hit the enemies powerwell. Nature and Frost both had very low play- and winrates across the previous tournaments and I want to support them a little by removing these very o
  12. Wow thank you! That's huge! Will update the main post And I'm also quite hyped, that we have 17 registered participants already (+4-5, that might participate aswell)!
  13. Hello Skylords and Skyladies! Today I want to announce the next big Battleforge PvP Tournament! Who is going to be the new Master of the Forge to show the world, that he mastered his decks and strategies to beat them all for fame, glory and obviously tons of bfp? Time to find out! Who can participate? Everyone! I will be thankful for every single participant! Even if you're not that confident at reaching grand finals to get a shot for winning the whole thing, there will be lots of opportunities to win prices and I would like to stream and review as many games as poss
  14. They dynamic for nature in 2v2 differs alot. Dryads & support spells can be utilized to very high efficiency, which makes the faction insanely strong here. Shadow + Nature (Nox-/Forsakenspam + double dryad) is by far the best T1 combination in open 2v2 combat and probably the strongest T1 combination overall, while Fire + Nature is probably ranked second as it is the most flexible combination with alot of cross map support and spell synergy (mine + root in T1 can be extraordinary powerful and win games on its own). Just the passive pressure a nature mate exerts just by threatening a potent
  15. I initially recommended 20 games, after talking to some people in the PvP community I think 15 games per month might be even better. The activity check just should ensure, that people are still playing ranked PvP so you can't sit back after reaching a high rank without playing anymore. In fact it should make ranked PvP competitive and keep players active, but right know it does quite the opposite. Base elo is the more relevant stat to evaluate a players skill (it doesn't reflect it perfectly ofc, but is still much more important than activity) and right now the ladder doesn't do this. F
  16. It takes 3minutes and 20 seconds up until an extra power well grants you the power, you have to invest into it. You are on a power deficit up until that point. Early T2s grant a 25% difference in void, which requires you to make much more efficient trades in order to even get some kind of a lead. It is impossible to crash mortar defenses pre T2, dependend on your deck you might even need T3 on maps like lajesh or Elyon. Based on my experience it can take 10 to 20 minutes for an average player to crash a decently executed turtle strategy. Considering that most PvP games are decided before
  17. With the current ranked participation 30 games per month are too many in my opinion. I think it is good to have an activity check, but I still think 15-20 games per month should be more than enough to see, that a player still participates in the ranked que (even during EA times the amount of games required to get back to full activity was much lower). Finding opponents is really hard and you really need to grind alot to even see your "true" rank on the leaderboard.
  18. Well Phasetowerspam is broken and makes the overall game quality straight up worse. Sadly all plans regarding balancing changes got postponed to an unknown date.
  19. Alot of PvP players just stopped playing for multiple reasons. The reset didn't happen so far (alot of people don't want to farm for all cards and upgrades twice), potential balancing changes got postponed, unbalanced matchmaking because of large skill differences, very longs searching times etc. Right now there is 1 player with full activity when there used to be roughly 150. I think the best chance of rebuilding a solid PvP playerbase is proper promotion and work around it after the reset.
  20. SoM used to work for all players in the team, but it got nerfed as it was overpowered in 2v2.
  21. I think removing the daily boosters is good for the economy. It completely removed the reason of buying boosters in the game to regulate the total bfp amount, which is kind of important with no existing regulation at the market. I think I didn't buy a single booster during the entire CBT phase even with some people selling them for sub 400bfp. I also do like the general idea of removing the hard cap as some people seemed a little dissatisfied, when they did their daily quests and there was nothing left to do. The reserve system is a good solution to add some extra bfp for being dedicated
  22. I don't see how this would help the PvP balance to be fully honest. As long as I didn't miss anything, there are 9 non swift melee creatures with (I exclude Sunderer here as it is faster than T1 ranged units already and not an essential part of the counter system as a siege unit). -> Thugs -> Wrecker -> Northguards -> Ice Guardian -> Imperials -> Spearmen -> Executor -> Wrathblades -> Skeleton Warriors Imperials are supposed to contest Scav & Dreadcharger, who also are melee creatures, a MS change would have no
  23. Thanks for the comments! I edited the main post. I included the aspect of creating a larger playerbase for better matchmaking. @LagOps I agree with the Nature & Frost part, we probably need a larger set of changes with compensation nerfs to reach an acceptable balancing state for T1. The ideas I initially posted were aimed to support T1 vs T2 scenarios. I removed this part from the main post, because I think it will be better to discuss specific ideas within the actual balancing threads/discord. I don't think, that T1 is too ranged heavy though as ranged units mostly are more micro de
  24. I am fully convinced, that PvP in Battleforge is a fantastic gamemode, but has certain flaws, that we might need to adress in order to make the game mode more attractive, especially for newer people. I want to make a longer post to get a discussion going about what we can do to get a more attractive gamemode and a larger playerbase, especially post reset. I'm following the current thread, where new player experience got discussed, which mainly focussed onto reward system, so I will move away from that in this thread, trying to adress some other problems and possible solutions. If you are looki
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