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  1. creme_de_la_bear

    Talk about RTS

    I'm really enjoying total war games, specifically warhammer has been scratching my itch. I'm very excited for the second one next month as well
  2. creme_de_la_bear

    Update: Logo Removal

    well all in all EA is playing this one suprisingly..... amiably . How utterly strange!
  3. creme_de_la_bear

    Introducing Inwutsch, our new developer !

    fantastic news, good luck getting into the maps with the extra hand
  4. creme_de_la_bear

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    exactly what I was looking for thank you. Battleforge is a beautiful game.
  5. creme_de_la_bear

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    Regardless of it is or not, the hype builds eternally as I've been lurking quite a lot here , I hope everything's going well with development- the developmental site update hasn't been updated in some time(and I used to check the stickies forum thread all the time)

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