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  1. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='3250' dateline='1436202387'] Czech republic. :| At least we have the best beer. [/quote] Good positive thinking @WatcherOfSky :P
  2. Wish granted, but now you are a triangle o.o I wish i would never have to brush my teeth again o.o
  3. [quote='MarbSlonk' pid='3212' dateline='1436188598'] The Netherlands/Holland as well. We Dutch people seem to be overly represented around here :p [/quote] *high five*
  4. I'm curious about what nationalities form our community. Where are you from? I'm from the Netherlands. Results: Total amount of players in the results: 590 Different nationalities: 66 To check if someone is in this list or to easily see the results from a specific country, click Ctrl + F and write the word(s) in the window that pops up (top right corner). The scrollbar will have yellow stripes if it detects what you wrote. Germany: 157 ( @Groping , @Aryze , @CyberReXxX , @Treim , @Kamina , @Waldmonk , @manafarbe , @Keksbendiger , @TheReborn , @dog0815
  5. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='3208' dateline='1436186898'] Needs to explain what ceativity is? Is it perhaps a good food? [/quote] apparently doesnt know what creativity is o.o
  6. Wish granted, but it was a very small car I wish i had Superpowers.
  7. wish granted, but i got ninja'd ??? I wish @JoseAlmeida would stop with the ninja'd stuff o.o
  8. [quote='Ultrakool' pid='3200' dateline='1436179658'] [quote='ladadoos' pid='3193' dateline='1436176472'] watches our sky [/quote] is pretending? to be mean to be for fun? [/quote] has confused ladadoos with his sentence
  9. Wish granted, but only for 1 minute... I wish that it wouldnt be so warm right now...
  10. Needs to explain more detailed what she means with " weird " o.o
  11. [quote='Groping' pid='3142' dateline='1436128352'] bafo reminds me of the song buffalo soldier :O [/quote] Broke the rules of this game...
  12. Wish granted, but you would only be able to teleport from continent to continent. I wish I had a flying ship **spitfire**
  13. Explained what Bafo means *Never heard of Bafo, always BF*
  14. Wish granted, but it will bend VERY easily I wish i had lots of wishes.
  15. thinks that SunWU II. is thinking of barbados o.o
  16. is a lier, ladadoos never hurts people's feelings o.o [color=#EAEAEA]okay, maybe i hurt your feelings one time =/[/color]
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