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  1. Has confused ladadoos with his weird sentences ...
  2. I can't remember how many times I posted ??? Doesn't know who " user" is
  3. doesn't know that ladadoos alredy knew that.
  4. [quote='Groping' pid='3721' dateline='1436452986'] yeah promos are and should be something special so a droprate of 0,x% would be fine imo [/quote] Yeah. I think promos are not really needed in the game, since you can for example just buy x4 firedancers, upgrade to III and charge. It would be the same. I feel like promos is more of a way to show people how wealthy you are, or in case of a 0,x%, how lucky you are. I wouldn't mind it having0,x% drop rate.
  5. needs to explain what he means with ladadoos is obvious
  6. Wish granted, but you had to eat alot of unhealthy food everyday. I wish Constructs wouldn't move so slow.
  7. is still looking for an asnwer to his question
  8. Ladadoos

    New cards?

    [quote='Czechmate23' pid='3489' dateline='1436320651'] I know that its WAY WAY to early to think about new expansions and such i was just wondering if there was such plans for the future to have new expansions or will the game just be brought back to how it was before its shut down and thats that? [/quote] Hello! :) The answer to this question, and many other questions, are in the BFReborn FAQ. http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/572-bfreborn-faq/ . It has the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
  9. has infected ladadoos with the :kappa: disease
  10. doesnt understand Groping's goal with his question [color=#EAEAEA]Hey UltraKool[/color]
  11. doesn't understand that just because someone is active with the community, doesnt mean that that person needs attention
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