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  1. Has a pretty cool especial effect... But is a small T4 unit o.o
  2. claims that I have no idea about something
  3. [quote='HODOR' pid='5315' dateline='1436896001'] hodor?dhodo!!!hooodorrr?!odorrhodor?!! hodor. [/quote] Calm down Hodor, calm down o.o...
  4. wants to know the real truth, but he actually knows it...
  5. keeps telling other people that I can't win a fight
  6. doesn't know that I can just fly over a mountain and hit the avatar of frost with my awesome long range...
  7. realizes that the off-topic king is back and has no chance agaisnt him
  8. said the obvious. a spitfire that spits fire
  9. Seems to be a friendly nice dude :P has post #777
  10. Ladadoos

    Ugliest Unit

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='5051' dateline='1436880607'] Collosus, i don't think that dude even has eyes. [/quote] Don't be hating on him! Just because he doesn't have eyes, doesn't mean he is ugly :s
  11. I thought you loved me @Ultrakool ;(
  12. There is no need in copying the whole conversation everytime you make a post xD. Such a big post but only 1 sentence o.o
  13. He is indeed the rPvE god. I always used him when I played rPvE o.o
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