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  1. How to get weekly top contributer in the week of realese:

    Step 1: Post garbage. It is pretty efficient, if you criticize the reputation system.


    Step 2: Just get weekly top contributer.


    Optional Step 3: Thank the people, that made you weekly top contributer

    @Kimo @HeroPat @batorfly @n3tax @Washu @UniverseLegend @N0SKYO @BurningWorld and @Coldrhymezz

    Thank you. May god or whatever you believe in bless you.


    And until next time, where I show you how to get monthly top contributer.

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    2. ThomasMann


      Good Man 

      Hold up whats that for @Fauchderial

    3. Plasi


      @ThomasMann You are a poor, lonley soul. Here, take this <3 with you, it is dangerous out there. Hopefully it softens your bad vibe.

    4. ThomasMann
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