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  1. can someone create .pak files and post them here?
  2. if u have that much free memory can u make some FTB server for example unleashed or sth like that
  3. well u can pick your cards to deck and than click the loop it will only display cards from your deck than unzoom page printscreen your cards and you have your picture of all cards one next each other https://mega.nz/#!u4s1CIIT!0tKinXcEHYLlt3RqA23_TfnaQ-OCIFQ2Aqnds2yx7Ag @Eirias and paste the code on the same place where u took it
  4. maaan ur crazy and thats the reason why i love u
  5. hey there u can add your ideas and criticism about allbfcards i will try to make it right thx

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    2. LagOps


      I don't quite understand why you would have to store decks and could not generate them on the fly Dawn.

      Why not just include them as json objects in the request? This way the response could be generated on the fly. I doubt you would even have to touch a whole lot of code, instead of pasting the deck string you would just have to read it from the url. it could look something like this (just the way the forum does it with requests):


    3. Dawn


      yea well this could work if u want i can seng u all the files and u can play with it :P

    4. LagOps


      i am currently writing my bachelor thesis so i got more than enough code to play with ;). i doubt i could find free time to implement deck links (and get into how the page was written), sorry. i guess you have to look into it yourself, but this should be rather basic stuff if you are familliar with how the page was written.

  6. ThINg tHet Iz zoMetsIng lIge pOlyCe bUt iz gRaMAR NaZZy
  7. oftopic.... blah blah blah... ment this wideo maybe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0nS8u6Td5I and hodor whats wrong with my rank :Djust since there is shoutbox im staying there and on PMs :D its too exhausting to change windows all the time :D
  8. like many abow him has no clue that u cant farm posts anymore in off topic section ;)
  9. dont know how to use google translator to discover awful insult
  10. is in love with me and treim is confused :D
  11. thinks that someone cares about my rank :D
  12. perfecionalist but is still loved by someone named Dawn
  13. oh honney we will play bafo together all day long
  14. once he will marry me he wount have so much free time ;)
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpnuubCJjCU
  16. know that WOS will never be suprem ruler president
  17. my beloved companion who helped me with allbfcards
  18. believes that these are all my smurf acounts :P
  19. think hes funny but never will know what true love is because when he has it infront of his face he cant see it no harm ment :*
  20. dont know that i broke up with my fiancee to marry him
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