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  1. Hello fellow Skylords, Check out the new awesome map "Into the Jungle1" !!! The map and scripts have been created by "Emmaerzeh", "Kyriel" and "Perendi". Special thanks to all those who helped in testing and translating. Description: It is a 2 player PvE map set in jungle scenery. Various enemies of the nature faction have to be defeated on your way to the ultimate boss: The King of the Forest Elders. He has blessed some of his nature creatures with a magical aura that prevents your ranged attacks. If marked camps are not destroyed within respective time limits, he will
  2. like Einarson sayed i would like see it on demand too. I missed it. would be awesome if you could little bit cut the breaks out or use timestamps and upload it on youtube, at least the final. I wanna see the sensation , radicalx not won. ^^ Kind regards
  3. put in : C:- user -username-documents-Battleforge-(here create a folder if not allready have .and call it) "map" Put the maps here
  4. If u have 3 shrines (375) and 500 void u will not have much energy left for units. So u will be "immortal" but u only have few units and deal no damage. U will at least want 4 units before u want high void. And I bet those ls necrobeast enemy's (archenemy or something) will still deal enough damage. 5000 % is too high but we could go up if it wouldn't effect all allies. We must see how it plays out in plays, if it's not enough we maybe should targed cooldown also.
  5. 1.Why stone shell ? Martyr not give damage reduction. 2. Stone shell + regrowth is not immortality. 3. It's mainly useful for pure frost who not have void return or access to nature heals. I think it will see some plays. But maybe I m wrong. The Problem is not only the player who build the shrine get a shield but all allied players. If we can change this we can increase the ratio to 5000 % np. Also that there can be only 4 global buffs shown on top of the screen is a problem, I hope we can find a solution sometime. Kind regards
  6. "BlackMasterN" and me made a new Map. "Groundhog day" Its a 2 Player pve map. You get some units and you have to defeat the level with it. If u pass the level you get new units and the old ones are deleted. If you not pass one level the map is reseted and u can start from beginning. It needs some attempts to get everthing right. Have fun playing the map. Additionally i upgraded some of my old maps and added "Groundhog day" to the zip file of all my maps. Groundhog Day1.1.rar
  7. Amii monument vote ended with 4 green to 0 red from community representatives for the following sugesstion: Vote : Change amii monument build cost to 325 make it untradeble and give it out as a achivement for complete all maps on expert. There also was the options 300 cost and 350 cost. And not to make it an achivement but let it a normal card. We wanted to make it close to as expensive as a normal monument and let it be a achivement witch you have to proove to be worthy first first and give a incentive to complete all missions. The public vote majority voted for 35
  8. We voted to change Martyr shrine with 6 to 0 for the following suggestion. Make it t4 increase the void to shield rate to 1500% and let the shield absorb 70% of incoming damage. We hope this will help to decrease the dependence on nature heals for sustain. Especially pure Frost now have someting to keep units healthy. Since it gives all allies a shield related to their Void its difficult to balance. We can not change this jet. To make the shield bigger the less void u have instead of the more is also not possible jet. We keep it in the mind for maybe it will
  9. I play solo communitymap . But its correct after i start a rpve and leave i can start a comunnitymap again.
  10. I guess this was reported before but i didnt find. If so pls ignore. NAME: screen flys away after game start SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: in a match REPRODUCIBILITY: allways DESCRIPTION: after a match starts the curser is located where it moves the screen SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  11. NAME: After PLay a communitymap cant create another community map game SEVERITY: 2 can not start new game before relog LOCATION: create communitymap REPRODUCIBILITY: Allways DESCRIPTION: After PLay a communitymap cant create another community map game. The create game button is greyed out. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  12. I just went throu all cards, to make a list witch cards i personally never use. This is my subjectiv opinion and i might be wrong with some cards. I just name cards that both of the affinitys is not viable. If we talk about what card affinitys are underpowered there will be only 20% (wild guess) of cards left were both affinitys are somehow viable. This not means that i feel all of them need a buff, because especially at t1 and t2 they might affect pvp in a way i´m not good enough to decide. And pure pvp cards i ll leave out at all cause i m not quallified. Basicly all t1 s melee units a
  13. @Kubik i was confused cause i wanted to open a thread in "client sided" . Wasnt there also a "server sided" subforum? But there is no start new thread button. In the Main "Report a Bug" there is one. Sry for the confusion. Maybe u can write at subforums "Threads are moved here by devs , just post your reports in the Main "report a bug" forum" to help to orientate. Kind Regards
  14. To be honest. Few days ago I wanted to report a bug, then I realized in the forum there can't be opened a thread in the section anymore and also there is no notice where to report it then. Where "This is where all client-sided issues go, which generally have lower priority than server-sided issues" text is should write "report here is disabled if u want report a bug go..." . I guess on discord. Also it's not easy to know if the bug has been reported before. And the template that has to be followed also is a difficulty. And I am a long time user of this forum even though I missed the report bu
  15. I would like to participate in balancing for pve cards. Kind Regards
  16. The Plan to implement communitymaps is a good goal. I still think you should not let promos drop in boosters but only let them be a loot for achivements like "win all Maps on expert" or price for tounaments. This would be a motivation if u have all normal cards. But at a point u ll have all promos too. And what then. I feel its not so important if u need 1 month or 1 year to get all cards, but to create a motivation if u have all cards allready to still play. Imo you should fokus on motivate people to create new content like communitymaps or challanges. And we need much more pvp
  17. Towerdefence was yesterday! The new thing atm is "Walldefence". Check out this brand new awesome Battleforge map. "Walldefence" ! Its a 1 Player pve map. You must hold out 27 minutes to win the game. After 10 minutes you get a t2 orb and a kobold engineer. kind regards
  18. agree its super boring to watch. there are only 3 matchups for 90 % of games . fire -fire . shaddow-shaddow. and now its getting crazy fire -shaddow.
  19. Hi all, i reworked some of my old maps. All maps that didnt have a minimap now have one. And Stumpfland 8 i added some decoration. I also release a brand new map. It took me about 50 hours to do it. Thx to everybody who helped. "dragonhunt" The Dragongod Doombringer went crazy and sends out his kind over the lands. You fight your way to the dragongod and slay it. Its a 2 Player Pve map. If u like the maps pls give a like here. All 11 maps are availeble here in one rar file or ingame. If u have the old version of t
  20. I ´ll just give my maps version numbers to at least make sure the newest is recognizeble. Like "dragonhunt 1.0" But maybe other people will reupload older versions after the serverstop. It will result in one map will be on the server in manny versions. And some day the server is stable there should be a way of deleting old maps. Not for the players but at least for the devs. So map makers can ask devs for delete. Kind regards I searched out a old thread from 2015 were "The Black One" made a statement. I dont think it will help but anyway is interesting
  21. I tested 3 maps. My new map "Dragonhunt". One of my old maps that workes since years and wasnt changed "simpleland". And "umbabwe towerdefence" , also a old map from the custom map collection pool. Now it seems to work agian. Seems to was a temporary problem. Another thing i think u are allready aware of is that select a custom map in map selection screen only works if u are fresh reloged. after u played a game u cant start communitymaps. kind regards
  22. Hello, just today tryed to start a 2 player communitymap alone. The game froze after some seconds in the game. One time it didnt finish load in loadingscreen. I tryed 3 different maps several times, it happend all the time. I tryed one player maps it worked. Edit: now it works... no idea why. No need get aktive. If it happen again i ´ll tell. Kind regards
  23. During the process of map testing a new map i upload it then i changed something and uploaded the new one . i thought it will overwrite the old one. I think back in the day it was like this?! This would have the folowing problem. If i upload a newer version of a map and somebody overwrites it with an older version. I suggest just the creator of a map and the devs should be able to upload a map to the server. Or is it allready like this? Now there are 2 versions of my new map online and they are both not final. You have a suggestion how to solve this problem? In future i w
  24. Like it's a fire card with affinity towards bandits. Where affinity to solocollours give a buff, affinity s to duocolours need a requirement (to have a duo color t2 unit of the affinity in deck) to can be played. So it's a fire card if u play it u get a fire orb, but if u not have a t2 banditcard in your deck u can't play it.
  25. Fire Btw I know this will most likely never happen just theoretical.
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