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  1. 1196 - 2:nd time I write that number here
  2. Getting the same amount of upgrades from PvE and PvP is a big yes from me, but getting all the upgrades for your first deck at the start is a big no as a huge part of the progression in this game is skipped then. Some people do not like the small amounts of grinding this would need as we're talking about but we can't please everyone, can we? This is completely not true, I know for a fact as I've tried it that a Average Platinum player without runes/masteries would go even with a high silver with maxed out runes/masteries, that says a lot about performance from "upgrades" and you need to grind that IP to get the runes and LoL still has 67 million people playing every month which should say something about the Performance/Grind thing.
  3. Exactly! I think that Common and (a few) Uncommon cards should be able to get upgraded rather quick the rest should make you feel like you're doing progress but it's only optional not a neccessarity to be able to play the game to it's fullest. * "a few" = A couple of cards should be able to be upgraded but you shouldn't be able to upgrade every uncommon card that you have.
  4. I do agree on this partially. I think you have enough for upgrading Common and Uncommon cards but that you should need a little more effort to upgrade Rare and Ultra-rare cards
  5. EDIT : Didn't update thread for 30 minutes, got late ninja'd
  6. First of all, welcome to the forums! There's no way they can make BFP purchasable as they cannot make any profit or sell in-game things for cash as they do not own it. I totally agree that PvP should gain somewhat the same amount of rewards, I think most people want it this way. I'm not sure what people have came together about as I've already speed read it all through. I find that R/UR cards should be harder to upgrade though as these should be more "end-game" content for one. This would make it so that everyone can't achieve the top notch deck in a very short period of time but you can still manage in PvP
  7. I totally agree! Maybe one should get that kind of haircut
  8. Looks like a very manly man but then again very scared. I feel like he's a frost kind of guy due to his picture therefor he'll never have a place in my deck
  9. Essential part of every nature deck in my opinion, gives you the defend you need to slow down most of the enemy attacks
  10. Spits randomish laserish alienish beamish thingy out of his mouth.
  11. As it's a T4 card it's probably kind of useless in PvP atleast 1v1's. I never played frost so I wouldn't really know how useful it could be in PvE but as it has XL damage and it's a cheap card I can see it work kind of good. I might be totally wrong though.
  12. I'm in! I'll create my character soon (I'll edit this post) Full Name : Vasdohr Age : 23 Card & Faction : Dreadcharger, Shadow Appearance and Gender : I'm a knight that has been living with my horse since I was just a little boy, I'm just a human with a dark mind and a twisted horse. This is why I've become a Dreadcharger. Alignment : I will always follow the orders of the mighty Grim Bahir that watches me from above, I'll always pray to him as he has saved me in battle countless times. My dream is that Grim Bahir will descend once so that I can see the mighty creature that has saved me so many times. I've heard stories about Grim Bahir, I think that I know the most about him since I've been praying to him for a very long time and I've also read every text there is about him, I believe every story about him descending are false but I believe that one day I'll witness his glory. Abilities : When I'm on my horse I can reach very high speeds which makes it easy for me to hunt down slow enemies, this brings me a huge advantage in fights.I can also use my heavy spear in a very clever way which makes me able to damage several enemies at the time, there is a slight chance of my spear breaking when I do this and that will leave my without any aggressive attacks. Stengths : I move at high speed, I pierce units easily and I also has a good sense of the battlefield. Weaknesses : Spear can break if special ability is used. If the horse dies I become almost useless. Takes longer time for me to turn around than most other people as I have to turn the horse aswell. Personality : I'm a very loyal person, I fight with honor and I will not leave a fight with no blood spilled. I love my horse over everything else and would not trade him for anything. If I had to kill my entire team just for my horse so survive I wouldn't even consider not killing them. I'm also a very big fan of noodles. I'm very motivated to finish the task that I have started which will always be my main goal. I will always hate any units that belong to the fire faction. History : There used to be an academy for us Dreadchargers but people that belong to the fire faction came over and ruined the entire academy, first off killing almost every dreadcharger that was alive, except me and a couple of other. then they setup these mines and traps all over the place so that we couldn't return to build it all up again. I have not been in touch with the remaining Dreadchargers as they are scattered all across Nyn. I will always feel hate towards the fire faction as both my mom and dad were killed in the attack and a lot of my friends were also killed, right now it just feels so alone...
  13. IGN : Switchar (EUNE) Role : Top -> ADC -> Jungle -> Mid -> Support (Jax works everywhere) Region : I have accounts in every region including PBE usually two in every region.
  14. Wish granted but only the negative ones comes true I wish I had a reindeer to feed on.
  15. Wish granted but it was a justin beiber copycat. I wish there was a :lion: emoticon
  16. Counterspelling healer.... hmm sounds interesting, never tried him but I most likely will
  17. FYI - For your information. FYIAD - F**k you! I'm a dragon!
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