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  1. Go to your My Documents (C:\users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge) folder, and find config.xml. Open it with Notepad or any text editor. In the 3rd line of the file, there should be "fullscreen", "screenheight" and "screenwidth" options. Change their accordingly to your screen resolution. In your case, if you were to want a fullscreen game at 1228x690, you can change the values to: fullscreen="1" screenheight="690" screenwidth="1228" Then, save the config.xml file and start the game normally through the updater. This should run the game in your custom resolution, and scale t
  2. I'll make sure to look into that soon, thank you for spotting those!
  3. You are correct in every way. Try not to feed it. EDIT: I retract that statement, I do actually believe that this is the actual FarRock, and the latest multiaccounting and toxicity issues have thrown me off guard. Terribly sorry.
  4. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! Several years ago, I have asked you all for feedback on integrating a new Loot List (Where upgrades drop) in the game in this thread: Giving the community 4 different options, it's impressive to say that almost 75% of the community wants different loot lists, so I have heeded your words and compiled a new list, based on the following regulations: Due to popular demand, the main priority of the loot is thematic value; Loot will drop as much as possible in maps where you'd expect them to drop, and where it would make sense.
  5. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! Browse the forums in order to see whether your bug has already been reported in the "Report a bug" forum board. If it has been reported already, if you have any additions, feel free to reply to said topic but refrain from creating a new one. For example, there is no need for a response to a bug thread like "I experience this problem too". Has your bug not been reported yet? Create a thread in the "Report a Bug" forum board and fill out the form below. Please do this as soon as you encounter a bug, so that it logs the date on the forum boar
  6. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! In order to best help you out with any issues you may be having with your game, please read this topic and follow its instructions where needed, BEFORE making a thread of your own! This thread will provide you with some troubleshooting and some solutions that might help fix your issue, even without filing a help thread for it. 1. Check if you have both the latest uploaded Updater and the Game Client, and make sure they are local. You can find instructions for downloading and installing the game here. These files need to be installed loc
  7. Well spotted! I did set the location to Amsterdam (currently CEST), and then just copied the link. No idea it went to UTC instead! Fixed
  8. Greetings, dear Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks! We're excited to announce that the Skylords Reborn Team (represented by InsaneHawk and myself) will host a brand new, official stream in order to reveal some very important and big information for the foreseeable future of the project. We have been making massive amounts of progress in the past few weeks, and it has all been leading up to this moment, which is a major milestone before Open Beta, but more on that Wednesday! (Though we can assure you that a little hype is in order for everyone!) We will be hosting an official stream on
  9. UI restrictions. Players were never really meant to get 5-figure amounts of tokens. Also, tokens will be removed.
  10. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks! Throughout the past few weeks we have noticed increasingly negative comments and remarks with regards to Skylords Reborn, its progress and its development time. Accusations of us scamming supporters are made on a daily basis, and while that is simply false in every aspect, we do understand that a lot of you have major concerns and are worried about the project, whether it's still a thing, whether we have run off with Patreon funds, and where we are right now after 3 years of development. Don't worry, though! We live, and as you will soon find ou
  11. The aforementioned questions are important to have answered, and Kiwi has explained well how everyone in the team would answer them. I would like to add to your second point that alongside the programming department having issues with setting up realistic deadlines for the work they are doing (taking personal time into account), this is not your average game development process you're looking at. What we are doing is reviving a pre-existing game through the same game files and code. Now, normally programming is already an unpredictable task, in which bugs are like hydras; one gets fixed, 2 m
  12. This is something we've been aware of since day one, and is just on really low priority.
  13. It's to do with the AI not dividing damage numbers between every individual unit (hence why BattleForge knows so many AoE attacks). Normally, an AoE splash would deal enough damage in an area to hit everyone and kill off a squad, but if the squad is too separated, the AoE damage will only hit a single unit, and the AI will then not know what to do with that damage as it can't kill off any other units. There is 0 damage on the AoE but the initial impact damage can't be hitting the full squad either, and that causes immunity. It's really weird and frustrating, but not a part of the server, just
  14. When/if we get to balancing (which might take a while and/or not be possible), I will make sure to be careful about metas and all that. However, with balancing come meta shifts. For some, this is a great thing, for others it's annoying, but it sure encourages trying out new things. The state that Phenomic left the balance of the game in is not fantastic in terms of PvP, but it was acceptable enough back in the day. If I were to touch PvP balance, I would do so through close community communication and take the time needed to come up with a reasonable solution for balancing problems. Howe
  15. Remember to tag your issues appropriately with a number in the title, please. This way devs can figure out priorities.
  16. The GDPR exists to protect data and how we use the data we collect. Think about the recent facebook scandal, that sort of thing. From what I can gather, our project is quite far out of the danger zone. We don't collect user data without consent, nor do we use anything we log for any activities outside the game itself. We don't even store your credentials; we don't have a store and Patreon is responsible for our donation platform. We have basic information such as your IPs, email addresses, and so on, but those all are not private data that we are using without your consent (by creating
  17. I have made a few major updates to the API and therefore Allcards: Fixed ALL missing information on promo cards Updated all promo cards' abilities to properly reflect their upgraded state, excluding ability power costs (uneditable/nonexistent in API) Updated all promo cards to list that they have no upgrades as they are fully upgraded by default Fixed missing orb info for Legendary cards Fixed missing orb info for several Twilight cards, Protector's Seal, and Sunken Temple Fixed missing ability name and description for Flame Crystal Fixed missing abil
  18. Try changing one of the filters. They pop up for me if I do. I am able to edit orb information now, so please quote me if you see anything orb-related that needs fixing. I am currently aware that a lot of filters are messed up because the orb info has defaulted to zero on some cards.
  19. If there is any wrong data (like descriptions, image, damage type, rarity) that does NOT include strange characters or the number or colour of orbs, it's likely an error in our API. If so, please quote me to fix it; Gnomgrol can't fix these issues. The number and individual colour of orbs is sadly currently not accessible to me.
  20. As @Skhan and others already noticed and pointed out, @fiki574 had made an edit to the first post in this topic with a different estimation. As you all know, Fiki is always hyped and invested in the project and really wants to give you all estimations of when he's done, often not foreseeing possible consequences and further postponing, and especially missing the impact this can cause for all of you Skylords. The edit was made without the team's consent or knowledge in an attempt to clear things up for you all; he meant well, but the way he handled the situation was no less than inappropriate a
  21. Based on everyday experiences
  22. I would like to remind you all of the following; I am watching this discussion, don't ask me about it (I've had some messages) Please do not abuse the rep system, e.g. negative repping because you disagree with a statement, or because someone else does. Use your rep responsibly. Thanks.
  23. Dearest Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks, I'm sure most of you have an idea what this announcement is going to be about, given the latest status on Open Beta. As you all have realised, we haven't quite made our promised release goal of week 8. This mainly has to do with PvE breaking way more badly than we expected and fixing taking a lot more time than anticipated. How much time will this take? Well, please allow me a bit more space to explain. The Skylords community has grown bigger and better than ever before, for almost 3 years now. We are growing closer to the public beta release o
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