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  1. As far as i know one of the demands from EA was to delete all their signs from game. Just saying that here we got hint of the day and i hit on this one "EA employees will never ask for your password". Its not something game-breaking but also pretty simple, just changing "ea" to "skylord team" or whatever :P. Better dont give EA reasons, you never know what they may do
  2. Good luck, you will need it. I heard that few members of skylords team eating humans. Alive. Just dont accept any "dinner" invitation and maybe you will survive xD
  3. Nah, so sad... You dont want saw it or just plain cant searching? Maybe i dont saw any youtube videos but never looking for this one either. But i saw plenty of streams from skylords. One even was yesterday (?) and got 300+ viewers with black screen at start bcs of wrong configuration tools (the most popular black screen?) xD
  4. Yup, keep an eye, not yet time for you to be free my friend xD
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