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  1. That's enough to invent numbers , in the game there are no such
  2. Where 10k ? he say 60k reg in game
  3. Yes, so that in what mission do not go to 0 or 4 people, 1 or 2 created games for 15 minutes Only in the battlefield sometimes there are more than 30 people, on a Saturday night
  4. Maybe youtubers will help , but so far, the number is only decreasing
  5. So what about attracting new players ? The question was above, I'm interested .
  6. The game has a total of maybe 10 or 20 people who really know how to play, the rest are noobs , they don't even know what these or other cards can do . That they should be asked about whether to cut the card or not, whether to reset it or not ? And the opinion of those 10 who understand the game is not important at all ?
  7. Even if you can see the cards in the deck , you can make a deck that will not let you know who did what . )) Guess not everyone, each mission has its own nuances .
  8. map of the month - 4 players - 16 40 =) im , ducarev and asgard ))) (3 players) it was 10 lvl …
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