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  1. Zyna recently said that the peak is about 200 and 2632 in 2 weeks window which is significant increase over 170 peak and 1600 before the change. No official numbers for play time, thou, but based on the fact that players need to play much longer to get same amount it is expected.
  2. But amount of players increased, and time spend per player probably too
  3. You are not loosing much by waiting, just one booster for now.
  4. with this rate you are one of the people that can at least get 1 booster per day, you should be happy about that
  5. so if you already have card you would like to buy for someone you would need to remove the upgrades from it to be able to send it, and then find out they are no longer in action and you need to ask the person you send them to to send them back because you can not buy new one?
  6. There already are people that have all cards fully upgraded with maximum charges, and still have lot of cards too man times, they have no use for these cards.
  7. so it is official API and we are supposed to report bugs on it?
  8. so you think all the boosters colors, are priced so that their content is worth the booster price? I mean 1000 vs 450
  9. :O whre you get that median of 2000 means that the median is bellow 750 over 2 weeks -> less than 54 per day well the mismatch in opened vs bought booster could simply be because players have 100s unopened boosters.
  10. oh EA was not that much stupid the worldmap spam the server only when actually open, so having another window with list would not cause any issue with this. And server can handle much more than few 1000s requests anyway
  11. it was not specific to you. I just know people that buy cheapest laptop they can get and have it as main gaming computer. I can uderstand someone having cheap/old computer and want to play BF on it, because the game is so old it can run on it just fine.
  12. just look at "cheap" laptops and you find out that over 50% of them is less than 1080p I do not understand why would anyone buy them for gaming thou, but I do not understand many other peoples decisions.
  13. so now you say it is easy? seems like a lot have changes since I left, because when it was originally proposed the resoning was difficulty.
  14. because that is the hard part, to make it work on all resolutions.
  15. do you have also code for this? (xml+lua)
  16. wasn't that BFP numbers only from rewards? And if you factor in that some people get over 500 from a single match it does not seem so crazy that there are 3 players that get over 500 per day on average.
  17. so at least 2632 played in the two weeks, less than 2000 (75%) was able to buy a booster less 1348 (51%) would be able to buy 2 boosters in 2 weeks. "Opened boosters between 22.07 and 04.08: 13986" 1,567 of those was bought -> about 12 419 from quests "Opened boosters between 11.08 and 25.08: 14065" 8,799 of those bought -> more than 5 266 was bought with aquirer during that time frame 5000+ 38 player vs 631+ players not getting even 250 really interesting numbers. Will you also compute total match time for us from same time frames?
  18. @Zyna can you also add how much was given to players in same time frames? and How much of that was converted to boosters (how much of that 14065 boosters was actually bought, because I remember there was players that have over 600 boosters), and to how many players the was given?
  19. just to the UI issues where would you like to draw the additional cards to not be hidden or hide another elements? I guess you playing on "reasonable" resolution of 1920*1080 or even more, but I was really suprised how many people play on the smaller resolutions, and some of them just do not have space for this. (btw. changing the size for only 1 game more does not seem like an issue, but it would deffinitly be very confusing for players)
  20. I just checked and it seems that spammy feature is still present with same 10s refresh time in the latest version from SR.
  21. Ok to be exact, I did not check the SR version, but the game did refresh it too often, but if it actually does not refresh, then this post should be moved to the bug report section. (by mods)
  22. you do not need to join map, it constantly refreshes
  23. how often you want to click it? Does it refresh too fast for your internet connection? (for me this one, because it is hard to see anything between these spamy refreshes) Or do you want to click it every second?
  24. Well EA still owns the game. And just from the game files I can easily count over 100 patches. SR distrubutes the editor with the game, so anyone can try to create new maps, if they think they are up to the task with almost no documentaton from EA.
  25. Only 2 hours there was player that was waiting for over 12 hours and then win the match :O so it was not that he forgot to log out
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