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  1. "Battleforge don't just fill the niche, Battleforge creates a niche."

    by Paulo Coelho feat. Cacao Demoreno 2018 


    1. BurningWorld


      “When you play the Battleforge, it reveals you to yourself.” 
       Bob Marley

    2. steezy


      HAHA! this project is scam and devs just take your money HAH. i make better launcher. Will laugh when they delay again.

           - Salty Kid after last delay of open Beta


      why cant i staart luncher?      /     when is releese of opne opened beta want paly FAST fast plis?

           - Kids that were to lazy to read during week of 19th to 26th of march


      oh hai gais is luanchare out noow wait for yeers 4 relase of opned beta favorit gaem play lots of funn :kappa:

           - @Lil Magic, @BurningWorld and @steezymaking fun of the kids that cant read

    3. BurningWorld


      Luncharos redeye yut? GIVE ME PLAY BOTA PLOX! :kappaross:

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