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  1. Hey BurningWorld i just want to tell you real quick, nothing important.


    So you probably know i am bisexual and stuff, but only you and my parents knew. I told you because you weren't really in any state to tell anyone i know. :P

    I officially came out of the closet yesterday and the response was supportive! :D :hype:

    I'm so happy for that! Anyways, just letting you know friend. :P

    1. BurningWorld


      Ohhh nice I'm very glad to hear that your friends etc. support you :) 

      If there's any people who don't accept you the way you are just screw them, even if they were close friends til the day the learned about it. You usually can't change the way how people think neither the way you are so just leave them in their closed minds :P

      You're a nice person and that's all that matters ;) 

      Much love and peace! <3 

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