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  1. The reason why Crusader Kings 2 is one of the best games out there (right after Battleforge OFC! :D): 

    https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aAxgEML_460sv.mp4 (<- *CLICK*)




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    2. BurningWorld
    3. anonyme0273


      I tried to start learning the game many times, but failed. It just goes so in depth with some mechanics sometimes (which is damn impressive and amazing), that I just don't get it lol, even though I would love to. So in the meantime I just watch Arumba play it and hope I will be enlightened one day myself.

      "Awesome game... or at least it looks cool" - someone who never finished tutorial

    4. BurningWorld


      @anonyme0273 sorry for that late response, It's a good idea watching gameplays to learn how to play it as you did :), but you can also try the tutorial out it's really, good ofc it doesn't explain the whole game in it's complete depths, I don't think any tutorial could do that because as you said the game is just deeeep. 

      If you want to, at any time maybe when battleforge isn't satisfying you anymore (god forbid!), It would be a pleasure for me to help you getting into the game, because it's really an awesome game, and is very underrated if you ask me. :)

      Anyways have fun with BaFo soon and thanks for replying on my status hehe <3 


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