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  1. Is it right to be wrong about something your right about.

    1. WaterMelonLord


      I got lost reading this... ended up with my face in a microwave 

    2. Rondine


      Like most in life, it depends.

      Is the damage you would do to the personal relationship to be right at all cost higher? Let it slip, it won´t change their life, but can save your frindship.

      Or is is crutial for them to understand , like preventing a terrible mistake. then it is justified to go "the hard route" since the Person is worth sacrificing the confort of not getting involed.

      And last... "right" is mostly a Point of view. And this can shift.. sometimes it is not even important for the Person to be right. But to prevent a his fragile psyche from having to accept that he is wrong.

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