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  1. NAME: Upgrade Tab BUG

    DESCRIPTION: everytime when i click the card upgrade button(near booster button), the game will freez for 5 seconds

    REPRODUCIBILITY: everytime 

  2. 3 hours ago, Eirias said:

    What counts as a "faction" card? Would firedancer be allowed in the bandits faction (e.g. if I played fire fire shadow shadow?)

    Or is it literally only pure nonsplash cards, so fire stalker would not be allowed either?

    From T2 onwards your only allowed to play cards from one faction, so for example bandits, soulhunter, tortugun...

    Your not allowed to use fire stalker(no faction).

  3. 17 hours ago, Majora said:

    Please let us know if you liked the behind the scenes of the Advanced Filtering, and if you are interested in something similair on Reforging. 

    Hey @Majora,


    I love the Advanced Filtering file, it makes everything a lot easier. Quality of life improvment.

    Is there a way to sort for faction/edition too?

    Would love to see something similar for Reforging too.

    Keep up the good work.






  4. Hey guys, 

    - I would love an option in the Forge where you can select only neutral cards. 

    - Add an option in the auction house for promo cards

    I think these option are very useful and very easy to implement in a further update. 





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