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A little more information would be helpful. Which file is detected as a virus. Which anti virus do you use? Did you upload the file to VirusTotal for example to see what other anti viruses tell you about it? Maybe it's simply a false positive or you're using outdated files from a few years ago.

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I have a similar issue. When I click the link to the installer to Google Drive I got the message in the image. It is in spanish, so it basically says that it contains virus and only the owner is able to download files marked as harmful. Any idea why this happens?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 213507.png

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My friend tried to download the Installer (part 2/2) today, and came across the same issue. Upon clicking the link, the google drive page itself comes up with "Sorry, this file is infected with a virus. Only the owner is allowed to download infected files." 


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I reinstalled SR last week after a long time. Yes, it is still an issue that Windows needs to be manually allowed to download and install this software as it may content harmful content.
In very amateurish terms, it is something like this:
Windows and most anti-virus rather look if the software is listed then really checking it for a virus. As SR is a community software it is not listed among anti-virus detection companys and therefore often flagged as "harmful"
I'm sure an IT guy can explain better. But this is roughly how it works afaik.

During my reinstallation my Windows cried hard that this software "may be harmful" - but it never said something like it said for you "it is harmful". And I can assure after installing it again everything was fine here. But probably doesn't help you much that a random guy in the internet says to you "It's fine"

In the end you have to decide yourself if you take the "risk" to trust SR. But imagine how big the outcry probably would have been if this software really comes with a virus and around 100k people (that registered accounts) would have infected their PCs with this.

I can just say, there is thousands of people running this, and if you search the forums, anything that is virus-related that you find, will just be this installation thingy and not a single word about actual harmful software.


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I ran into the same problem and it's not like you have to trust or not. You can't download the installer. The image whichwai posted is all you can see, there is no download button.


Edit: You can click on the Mediafire/Mega.nz link to download the file. 

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