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CCC #10 - Ashbone Pyro vs. Magma Hurler - UNTIL 12.03.2023

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Oh wow these times again, well played guys ! Was great fun, thanks for hosting Kapo 🙂

And I wasn´t that bad apparently, top 10 out of the 68 MagmaHurler-runs and Top15 in total. I tried both once because at first my little Ashbones were sad that I didn´t take them in the first place, tho I can´t help and like Magma Hurlers better 😄 That´s why I send my Hurler entry even tho I kinda knew after I tried both once that Ashbones are faster and if I would have done a second run with Ashbones I might have had an even better time than 9.40, because my first Ashbone run was already 10.17 and there I didn´t tryhard ^^ while my first casual run with hurlers was like 10.52. But I wanted Hurlers to win so I did a second and third try there.

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A very good solution would be to cross out the codes for boosters that are no longer active - it will definitely help NEW players in looking for some codes to start.
Yesterday I searched for a total of 30 codes, none of which were active (disappointed). A lot of time wasted rewriting them hoping that something will finally come up.

I will be very happy to participate in new events, certainly not for games (I have poor cards) but something creative like making a video / banner / gifs / etc.

Unfortunately, I suspect that most of the players don't even bother with Events related to the Expert games (I suspect that it is generally an Event for only a dozen or so players). It's a bit unfair too 😛

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