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Rework some irritating things "Behind Enemy Lines"


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There a two major things that always  grinds me up on "Behind Enemy Lines"

First: If i try to destroy the spawn-building in the northern Camp (The Center one) with Nomads, one of 3 always wanders behind the building.
While this isn't directly a Problem, it attracts the Twilight-Dragon from the Top-Left camp, which completely wipes me, which is uncool.

Could you please prevent that from happening?
Maybe let him spawn a little more to the left, or make that Montan Range  in between unable to fly over pls?


Second: The Wall in the top left Camp (the one with the Dragon) is crud!
Why does it span all the way around? (BTW, i realize, that it was EA who placed it like this, so not blaming you or anything here)

Could you make it smaller, so it just protects the entry?
Or maybe add an effect that wrack the whole thing, if the energy well gets taken by the player?


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Just yesterday finished this map on Expert for the Pure Nature achievement, and gotta agree with the suggestions here.

Never really realised how weird it is, that the top left and right bases are completely circumvented by walls. For me, it's more of an aesthethic oddity, but it can pose some problems when trying to click/attack specific units. Or when using attack move, units always jump on those tasty walls ignoring the spawner, more than often 😄

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