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Root network deck for expert campaign or high rPvE?

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Root Network is one of the most powerful tools if setup correctly, but you have to have the right situation for it to shine: in expert maps basically everywhere you have to defend (Defending Hope, Insane God, ...). Here and there, you can also get some offensive Spikeroot action going in the T2 phase.

In rPVE its just too slow to setup, you should look for other options there.

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With the last changes to the root netwok it got way easier to set up a great defense without wasting to many deck slots and units.

If you are looking for a T3 def, was is definitly the biggest strengh of root network you only need sylvan gate, thornbark and razorleaf, since 2 thornbarks are now enough to fully power up the razorleaf.

You can then build your deck around that with a strong nature T1, lots of CC and heals.

For T4 giantwyrm and regrowth is often enough, but stuff like forestelder or the other nature T4 units are pretty cool too 🙂

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