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Hey Purebeat,

welcome back.

Firstly, time is always a bit misjudged. Saying that you've played around a year ago, can also mean a year and a half, or maybe two? 
The game released 18-12-2020 and all accounts have been reset. 

However, based on the screenshot AlgoSteve kindly provied, you old account is still up there.

Lets go through it step by step, shall we:

1. Your Forums Account is 3 years old.
That by itself is not the problem, but MAYBE, when you first registered for the game you lost your password or made a new account for the game.
Is that by any chance the case?
Then the problem is easily solved: Try to find your second account and login. 

2. Whaf if....
you login and try to use your old nickname "Purebeat" in character creation - Is it saying that the nick is already taken?
Then Nr.1 would be most likely the case.

3. Ask GMs directly (click)
They can see what account / email is linked to your account.
If something does not add up, they'll tell you. 

This problem is not of technical nature.
There is not a file I can send you or a debug-script to solve it 😄

Hope you'll get your account back mate!
Though the past year was one of alot of changes. 
Starting now from scatch is easier then before. The archivements will help you get the most immportant cards really fast.
But just wait for this problem to be solved first. Multi-Accounting is prohibited. 


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