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  1. Hi, so this would actually make shields even more op. The shield-spells have all quite a long duration. This change would make you draw the shield at the very last moment knowing you will always save your low hp unit no matter what. To further this, your low hp unit would then have a ton of shield for a rather long duration considering a t3-t4 unit can bash through units like its no big deal. A shield is to protect units, yes, but it makes no sense giving a shield at the very last moment. Why not absorb the damage before it gets to your unit? Looking at t1-t2 units, low hp
  2. When was this not the case ? 😄 However you are a bit too harsh on it. You are trying to define a "bad player" with someone who is "whining" over a card that is too hard to play against or with. Overall "to balance" goes both ways. It is to please the player with 500+ hours in the game and the one who just started. Though this will never work, it is always the goal. This far, the devs made an outstanding good job maintaining the game. We will thrive more without comments like this when nothing happened 😉 Personally I would highly appreciate new ideas for balancing. Ju
  3. Hey Purebeat, welcome back. Firstly, time is always a bit misjudged. Saying that you've played around a year ago, can also mean a year and a half, or maybe two? The game released 18-12-2020 and all accounts have been reset. However, based on the screenshot AlgoSteve kindly provied, you old account is still up there. Lets go through it step by step, shall we: 1. Your Forums Account is 3 years old. That by itself is not the problem, but MAYBE, when you first registered for the game you lost your password or made a new account for the game. Is that by any chance t
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