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Nightguard & Amii Phantom, SLOWMOTION

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NAME: Nightguard & Amii Phantom, SLOWMOTION
DESCRIPTION: Sometimes when I play Nightguard and Amii Phantom, they walk really slow.
REPRODUCIBILITY: if you spawn only one the will walk at walk speed

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@itap Could you also please attach a replay? That would be highly appreciated.

Additionally, is it possible that you're using ALT + TAB to minimize the game while in full screen? That is known to cause bugs like the ALT key getting stuck. Holding ALT while issuing a movement command causes units to walk in their walkspeed instead of runspeed.

If this is the case, you should be able to resolve the issue by simply tapping ALT once.


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Both Lyrish Knight and Amii Phantom have conditional Swift.

Lyrish Knight: Triggering the first ability Protector - Be near friendly structures (40m).

Amii Phantom: Activating the third ability Amii Ashfighter.

If you look better, both Swift are below the conditional ability, maybe the placement of the icons / text could be better when hovering them.

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4 hours ago, itap said:

Ahh okay, didn't know that.

Because i don't use any of them in PvE, but it happened with Nightguard too, let me try if I can reproduce that and make a video rhis afternoon.

One of Nightguards affinities (the purple one) does not have Swift. Maybe you spawned that one? 

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Hey guys,

Yeah i know that 🙂

Sooo i tried every other unit with swift and everything works fine:)

Maybe the first time it was really that ALT tab bug that Zyna was talking before.

Soo thanks anyways 🙂

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