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Shrine of Martyrs behaves incredibly inconsistent.

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NAME: Shrine of Martyrs refunds void power in vastly different amounts.

DESCRIPTION: Shrine of Martyrs refunds 12% of current void power to every teammate everytime an enemy unit is frozen. However in single player matches, as well as multiplayer matches, it may happen that units count as multiple entities being frozen. Doesn't matter if they're squads or singular entities. In an extreme example, 2 large creatures counted as 9 frozen targets. In some it works just fine. So the amount of void return you're receiving varies greatly, just seems more broken on multiplayer matches. I assume it is connected to instances, where multiple targets get frozen during the same frame.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Technically everytime you freeze, as this happens rather randomly in each freeze instance.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://streamable.com/hnr40w

LOG: .zip


_log_proxy_latest - Kopie.zip


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Other provider for the video, since gfycat cut it off a bit.
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