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bandit walker in "Mo"?

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So I just played Mo with a pure fire deck for the achievement. At the final part I got kind of wrecked with the command walker and the ravenships respawning, and I couldn't pull Mo back in time. So I tried again and built up a huge army, but when I got there the walker was nowhere to be found? Does anyone know what happened here?

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Did you kill the Walker before fighting the Raven ships in your second run but not your first?

I always kill the Walker, so at least assuming that is done: The Bandit Command Walker does not spawn until a certain point after you initially engage with the Raven ships. If you kill the Raven ships fast enough in the initial engagement, the map will end before the Walker can spawn, meaning you never have to fight it as part of the final battle. 

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I didn't kill the walker and both games were played on expert. I unfortunately don't have the replay anymore but I did check out the one where the walker dissapeared. What happened was it walked into the final area and it just went into the cave with all the other bandits??

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