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Hey powerspy, yes we're already working on a completely new and reworked version 1.0 of our Updater. We just stacked up the team by two more developers to help coding that new version. Most of the core features are already implemented and it's just a bit of finetuning and some more convenience features.

A little feature overview:

  • checking your client files for corruptions (which should solve or at least give a hint for problems)
  • logging of the tasks the Updater is doing to be able to help in technical support when the Updater or the client has issues
  • starting the MapEditor via the Updater and not by manually opening the game containing directory and execute the application
  • being able to change game options before starting the game which should reduce game restarts
  • being able to delete saved credentials without manually editing config files
  • new UI
  • and some more features (also under the hood ones)

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for playing Skylords Reborn! 🙂 

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The repository is hosted on GitLab, yes. But currently it is private and not accessible by non staff users. Maybe we can open the Issue and Milestone page in the future. But for now we will keep it closed until we at least released the first version.

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