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Behind Enemy Lines - Discussion Thread

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Behind Enemy Lines is a well designed singleplayer map which provides an challenging experience for the player. Unfortunately, the map is also very slow initially, requiring the player to wait for significant periods of time before advancing to T2 or T3. This slow initial start combined with the map's high initial difficulty causes harm to its replayability, as a player needs to both wait around at the beginning while also very carefully micro'ing their units to ensure a Twilight Disciple does not sneak through and put a swift end to their run. The way around this slow initial start is to use Nightguard, which will see indirect nerfs as part of the upcoming changes to PvE unit orb & power costs. While Nightguard will remain relevant on the map given its ability to swap with Twilight Devastators, the strategy as a whole will take a major hit due to no longer working on Twilight Horrors. 

Outside of using Nightguard, the map is incredibly difficult for many players and many factions struggle with the transition from T1 to T2 and T3, particularly if the player does not "exploit" the map's mechanics to delay the spawning of Twilight Dancers and Deathgliders. While we think it is good for maps to be difficult and to provide long-term challenges for our more veteran players (and we hope to soon be able to announce information on upcoming endgame content), in this particular case we think it would be beneficial to increase initial power generation to help reduce player downtime. The map should still provide a significant challenge while hopefully also being a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Upcoming Changes:

1. Increased starter wells from 2 to 3. 


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I'll copy my suggestions from the other thread over here, I suppose.

Change intervals on cultist runners. This would leave more time to breathe and coordinate.

Change cultist runner speed. Players would have more time to intercept them.

Create additional slopes off the center plateau that make it possible to still intercept the cultist runners at later points and aggro them. For example down south or in the east.

Change well positions so they don't aggro patrols. This would spread the players forces less thin and help early economy.

Reduce the power of patrols early into the game. This would grant more time to build up a sizable T1 force.

Increase starting void. This would make T1 less of a drag. Could nerf starting well power to compensate.

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My first thought was „night guard is to OP on this map” but that’s just the easy solution for a hard map.
You can win the map without shadow, it just takes more time because you need a solid army of T1 units to get your T2. (Or spell support)

So most players just dance for like 15 min between top and bottom slope to catch the cultists and than go for a push.

My first idea was to nerf the T2/3 camps, but this is an expert map so -> no
Maybe nerf the camps and as soon a one is destroyed, the other one will get reenforced so that you “have to” build your T2 to clear the T3 camp.
Would make one side easer to defend against the cultist and you have one multitasking problem less.

-> Not sure if this is just changing the problem and not fixing it


The second think I noticed in my games:
After I got T3 I do the same as at T1…
I camp at my T2/3 Base against the cultists and build a crazy big T3 army (I’m not using Amii)
Maybe its just me playing bad/using the wrong cards, but often I need multiple attack runs till I cleared the top left base.

I don’t want to say “change this” just want to throw it in to the discussion. Maybe other players have similar experience.


(and I do think that the balancing team should give the night guard an inspection)

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