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Endure and Conquer 2 - two player PvE map with a pinch (or two) of Crusade

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Greetings to all of you lovely people. From the creator of that one lame map (Icy Lake) comes an actual quality attempt at a coop PvE scenario. Prepare your cards and hold on to your hats, as this might be a wild ride. NOTE: For current version, look for Endure and Conquer 2


The ancient city of Zelava has been almost lost to history, long ago reclaimed by nature. It was not spared the corruption of Twilight curse though, as the vegetation and animals twisted into horrible beings. Now, it rises from obscurity. Rumours of an ancient and powerful artifact hidden within the walls has stirred the Skylords into a crusade against the Twilight inhabitants. But it's not going to be so easy. Nature wants to reclaim its long lost holding. Furious, they attack the Skylords and Twilight alike, determined to rid Zelava of foreign influence once and for all.


This scenario offers two-way gameplay. Like Crusade, players are required to reach and defend the area of Great bridge, from where a stream of attack waves will come. Once you clear the starting area, Skylords must split their forces - and attention as well. Breaching the ruined city is the main objective, requiring you to evade the strong Twilight patrols, until ready to destroy them once and for all. At the end, the current Twilight master of Zelava awaits you - and with him, an army of underlings. Can you kill this beast and claim the artifact before Nature overruns your positions, cutting off the escape path via Sylvan gate?


EaC experience includes:

  • (Probably) Challenging two player campaign with a bits of story
  • The theme of a ruined city, overgrown with vegetation long time ago
  • Little cat and mouse gameplay with enemy patrols
  • Defend and hold system with rising difficulty, consisting of 41+ waves (reaching max challenge at 38th minute mark - better be done by then ;^) )
  • Two adversary factions - Twilight and Nature
  • No FOW a lá Ravens End - I spent quite the time adding details, so you better look at it (joke*)

As always, you can find the map in the Community map section, in the bottom right corner of the World map screen (if I once again forgot to upload it properly, please slap me). Since this is two player coop map, it might be tougher to find people to play. As such, I will try host the map today, or even during few next days, if there will be any demand. You can also message me here, or in-game (nick: Hrdina_Imperia) and I will gladly play a round or two with you, if I have free time. 

As this is a multiplayer map, the balance (especially on the higher difficulties) might be off a bit - it's tough to judge the scenario as a single person. As such, I would be glad for feedback especially in this regard. But of course, any and all comments/ideas for improvement are welcome. 

"Useless info and stats, but I really want to brag a little" part:

  • Creation took about two weeks, as I started working on EaC immediately after completing Icy Lake
  • Map contains over hundred separate script files and over 4 thousand lines of code (most of is are the attack waves, since I am very bad at optimalisation)
  • There was supposed to be a cool boss fight with interesting mechanics - sadly it proven to be too complicated to create
  • I hope to somehow add voice acting to this scenario, if I ever find out how
  • Special thanks once more to Dallarian, as I gutted his map Aeglos Fortress for most of the basic script structure
  • The background image, shown lower, belongs to its creator and/or the wonderful SR team

If you go out there and play it, I hope you will have a wonderful time!

*not really a joke


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