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Already made custom map change

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Hi all!

I have a question about already made custom maps. Theres a map called Umbabwe TD, can i change the map somehow? (making a new version of it)

So that map is really cool, but could use some improvement and also there is a bug where the last player from 3 players will get 6 monuments instant. I would like to change the the early spawn time as well cuz there are like no time to build up towers and the wave already sent. The early levels are hard, esp. small units just walk through towers, there could be some rule applied where units can not cross between close towers so we could make a nice path. Ice barrier helps a lot but small units still sneak through. also the map is fun with spells it helps a lot when you use some CC, but snare is bugged cuz if you snare an enemy they will attack you after the effect ends.


Can anybody help me with this? I would love to improve this map cuz its so much fun!

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I suppose it shouldn't be a problem to change the map to your liking.
Whether the official map then adopts the changes or whether you have to publish your "own" map, so to speak, would have to be clarified with higher-ranking people.

If you are comfortable with the BattleForge MapEditor and the scripts, you can start without further problems. Out of respect and copyright reasons I would recommend to note that the original map is from XYZ and that you have made changes.

If you have any difficulties with the MapEditor or scripting, feel free to drop by the Discord mentioned by Mynoduesp. 

On 1/14/2022 at 11:02 AM, Mynoduesp said:

You can join the MapCreator-Discord where ppl generaly help you to learn how to use ceate custom maps (or change existing ones).

But a disclamer, this rabbithole is deep.


If it's a minor issue, you can also tell me in person or post it here. Maybe you'll find someone who can make the appropriate changes. 😄

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