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2 hours ago, LagOps said:

I argued that avatar fits into anime better (in my opinion, never stated it as fact. you see, i wrote "feels very eastern to me" and not "is very eastern". big difference) due to the themes/motifs present. i am not alone with this opinion and there have been plenty of arguments about it in the past.

also i never said that you can't state your opinion, i am against you forcing your views onto others and stating it as a fact instead of stating it as an opinion. you just said "those are not anime", which doesn't contribute to the discussion at all. if you had said "i don't view them as anime, because..." or "i don't think it counts as anime" or "this isn't anime to me" that would have been just fine.

me saying "if others count it as anime, then it is absolutely fine and their choice" was deliberately taken out of context here. with "it" i was CLEARLY refering to avatar and not just any random show. also spongebob and twd are clearly not anime, because they don't deal with the themes/motifs associated to anime at all. i never claimed they could be counted towards anime. stop constructing a strawman here by taking my quotes out of context.

You said " Avatar feels very eastern to me AND it fits better in the "anime" category " You didn't say it feels like it fits better in the anime category.

I said they are not anime that's it. That is my opinion and I never told anyone to agree with me or else... or something like that. Saying that I forced my views onto anyone is just wrong.
Also if I had said "I don't view them as anime, because..." that would not have resembled what I wanted to say. My post was supposed to have a meaning like "I think you shouldn't list them here because..." and by just stating the reason my point should be pretty obvious.

It was not taken out of context. May point doesn't change at all if it would be "if others count Avatar as anime" instead of "it". There's no difference, you basically said that people can randomly decide if avatar is anime or not and if that's the case for Avatar then why shouldn't it be for TWD? Again, it's my choice to count TWD as anime or non anime right?

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(I'm surprised there are that many Death Note fans here, hehe.)

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