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Can you play Skylords Reborn on mobile?

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I heard about people playing Starcraft 2 (some arcade modes with are phone friendly) on their phones, but only because it was connected to their PC.

However,  believe there was some game streaming service, which basicly allowed you to play a game not on your computer (so with better parameters), so there is hope, however, I doubt it would cover Battleforge, for how small it is.

Also I bet 0.00000% chance for Devs to consider phone port.

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First of all you should explain what you mean by "play on mobile". Because there are multiple ways this can be technically understood..

As was mentioned above "streaming". I can imagine at least 3 technical solutions for this and none of them have a reason to not work.
(If you would have PC, I can recommend moonlight-stream, because I personally tested it with BattleForge, and it works without any issues, if you ignore control scheme on mobile phone without keyboard and mouse)

Next options are playing directly on the phone. And first of those is obtaining one of the few x86 compatible phones, and installing Linux on it (or windows for simplicity if possible), then it is "just a PC" in different sized box, so only additional issue would be controls, but someone who install Linux on their phone will know about software to map controls from touch screen.

Arm (or any other architecture) based phones are bigger issue. I can provide only general direction, because I did not like the results on my phone. qemu x86 on arm (No offense intended but based on structure of your question I think this would be too complicated topic for you)

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