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A few questions !!

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So first of all hello everyone.

I have a few general questions about the game:

* Where can I see how much xp and gold I earn from each map for example what map is giving the most xp and gold.

* Why there is no option to send gold like in the old version of Battleforge I understand that is a different version but still.

* There was once option of tokens and stuff to upgrade the cards ( in old version 2009).

* What are the future projects that awaiting us where could i read about this ?

* Is there any rewards any giveaways if it exists at all ?

* Any speedruns guides videos somewhere here ?


thank you in advance.

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At the end screen after a map, I believe you must check every map yourself.
Expert mode grants most rewards. For gold farming maps like rPvE 9, Bad Harvest Speedrun and Passage to Darkness are most popular ones.

Tokens were removed and card upgrade system was remade. You get card upgrades from particular maps ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMsqJ1IMx8hied3W1ZRtQ5YbpgD2_kBezviNSmSovjM/edit?usp=sharing ) and use gold for upgrading, or "Creating" upgrades you wish not to grind.

You can read about news and updates in Community updates (newest one:

You may want to catch up with all community updates, for some tease new gamemodes or other new content. About "real" updates (and they refresh many useless cards, the team is doing really great) you have announcement page on official Discord, link is on top of the forum, there is line with many buttons including "Discord".

There are small giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, and Community Updates (scratch codes that earn various rewards, most commonly 100 BFP, but on release date we had Promo Snapjaws for everyone).

For Speedrun check speedrun community: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRiLm3stSOWHVIH2lHEOpoQ .

Welcome back to Battleforge!

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