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Card Acquisition - am i expected to buy cards one by one?

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if you just open the boosters you will get loads of cards, but not necessarily the cards you want/need. so basically if you want to build a deck the market is part of the expierience.  

but I'm wondering what you mean by "scroll through" the market - are you searching for cheap deals? that can be tedious, thats true. but thats not necessary. and: you know that a seach field exists where you can search for the name of a card you want? 

to check out which cards exists in the game you can use the cardbase (http://allcards.skylords.eu/

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If your goal is to collect every single card in the game, I guess buying boosters to get you started is the way to go, and fill it up with singles from the market. 

If you need cards for a specific deck, stick to faction boosters and specific cards you want from the market. 
Personally I buy my discounted booster each day, and save up the rest of the points to get the cards I want.

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Buying boosters is FUN! Buy some if you have a lot of BFP and you dont want to build a specific deck. But if you are determined to build a deck then just buy the cards on the market. I usually buy 1-2 boosters a week, sometimes lucky sometimes not even near to worth but its fun tho 😄

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