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Help with Nature/frost deck (stoneskin)

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would like to ask some help or comments about my deck. Right now only playing PvE.

Ingame i feel like T2 is kinda weak but the other hand i dont know what to switch or put in.

Thank you for your help guys.


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Are you playing the Campaign maps, or Random PvE? If you are playing Random PvE I dont think you need the tower. 

Im no Stonekin player, but some cards you might want to consider are Burrower (good vs buildings, and a useful ability against walls in Campaign maps) and Stormsinger (all around good unit). 

But honestly, I dont see many issues with your deck. Only thing I dont really like is running Shrine of Memory in a deck that only gets 2 nature orbs in tier 3. 

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2 hours ago, Rebane said:

Heii, im playing campaign maps. 

okey, so change shrine of memory for stormsinger? 🙂

Sounds good 🙂 Stoneshards can also be a decent unit, and so is crystal fiend. Try arround a bit and figure out which units you like 🙂 

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Here's what I run for the majority of PvE situations where I don't need buildings. I have very minimal issues with 2 orb situations. 

I load up my first 2 orbs with spells like Hurricane and Ensnaring Roots for disruption/keeping my units safe from melee threats. The Matter Mastery I usually keep for rPvE in case I get Twilight enemies so I can keep Willzappers under control. I'll switch it out for Curse of Oink, or Coldsnap is another good option.

I personally usually avoid Coldsnap because Frozen enemies take 50% less damage, and Curse of Oink because dealing damage can cancel the curse. They both can be very useful though, don't be afraid to use them. 

I like Crystal Fiends(Blue). The healing and damage reduction are very welcome, especially with the first 3 orbs. I use them instead of Ray of Light. Razorshards(Green)+Windweavers is a very, very good combo for most situations in the first 2 orbs. With spell support you'll be just fine. I throw in Mountaineer as a flex. If you play the spells correctly you may not ever summon a Razorshard or other T2 unit. 

I personally stopped using Rageflames and Stone Warriors. I tend to do just fine with Deepcoils and Thunderstorm getting to 4th orb. 

I'll defend my Stone Shell(Green) choice here. I really like dropping it frequently during big sieges of bases, especially if they have a boss. It's 20% reduction with just 1 unit, but with most your army in the radius the damage reduction is very nice. Paired with a Regrowth you're unlikely to die. 

I bring Construction Hut to get the Wheels out ASAP. Breeding Grounds and Shrine of Memory I always find myself using. 

Feel free to shoot more questions at me, I rambled a bit but hope some wisdom snuck through haha



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