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Hey Zackthundead,


this is not as easy answered as your other request. First of all I assume you are asking about rpve/bg again? At least my answer is regarding to this 🙂

On the one hand would recommend "beginners" always to bring 1 green orb to rpve maps, as this one green orb enables you alot of sustain and makes the matches much more "forgiving" then w/o direct mass heals. On the other hand we not see much decks without the perma present green orb, not even from the veterans, which is sad because you can have alot of sustain even without the green splash.

But if you want to play this faction pure or for example Bandits, be prepared for a steep learning curve.

But lets get a bit more concrete:

T1 can be played either Blue or Purple

Blue: Frostmage, Homesoil, Barrier - perhaps add even Master Archers

Shadow: Forsaken, Motivate, Soul Splicer (G) (Forsaken can be swapped with Nox Troopers, but Forsaken shine better as allrounders)

T2 is usally Shadow here:
Good t2 units can be Phoenix/Embalmers (perhaps best in slot(BIS)) other units that can do the trick are:
Lost Dancers (I like the Red here)

Lost Shades (prolly backed by a Viridya)

Lost Reavers

Stormsingers (any Aff for pve, what you like more)

Darkelf Assasins

If you started Shadow ofc a Harvester could be a choice too.

T3 aims usually at the orb combination (any sequence) 2 shadow/1 frost
At the latest the third Orb opens the strong 2 shadow meta: Frenetics, Infect, Booster, Voidmanipulation via Cultist Master/Furnace of Flesh -> this solves ANY t3 situation

Still we have a nice super cheap unit here that scales not too bad into t4: Lost Horror is always worth a consideration

T4 has a big variety of option which can't be all mentioned in all combinations, lets me give a few ideas:
- Overlords are no LS Units but would prolly make the best tank here because of their heal

- Lost Warlords are cool looking and quite strong, though they need some protection

- Lost Spirit Ship is an OP unit used well, but dies as fast in this deck if not used well

- Lost Dragons are inferior to LLS in many aspects, though still shine alot due to their abilities if well used

- Spellwise Bloodhealing is you best friend here, try dmg-reducing Buffs like Life Weaving or such in combination (I like Undead Army as little helper here)

- the Revenants Combo with Lost Evocation gives strong buffs and can give a nice proper tank too

- Winter Witches can give a nice Combo with this deck if there is a lack of sustain still

And I still forget to mention anything, I am sure - too many options here.

This is a BG9 allrounder for me, but beware some cards are just for the sake of playing them 😄 
T4 Playstyle in brief: Horrors give ground presence for the revenant to tank, heavy CC use to avoid getting dmg, heals via Undead Army/Bloodhealing or I buff a Horror to heal, Barrier/Homesoil scale great with Horror/Lost Dragons


The approach from @Blashyrkh with the shadow T1/T2 is ofc closer to the meta! Still in T4 I would want to avoid freezes as he uses - here my appoach is prolly the more common.

Did yesterday with this even the current solo BG10 motm (a very easy one this month) in what have been a top20 time - so this deck/faction is reliable if you know what you do.


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16 hours ago, Volin said:

Still in T4 I would want to avoid freezes as he uses - here my appoach is prolly the more common.


Well...i actually don't have Maelstrom in my decks either, but Ice Tornado as well. A mistake on my part when I quickly created the deck for the post. Happens when you have no access to your decks because you are not at home 😋

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