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New Card Suggestion - Umbabwe

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Was brainstorming around a bit regarding Warlock's ability and orb cost on how they could use some changes and in the end it struck me with another idea.

The idea that came to mind was to allow Warlock to have a chain effect on his empowering ability (Witchcraft) similar to Timeshifter's Spirit bounce mechanic, meaning that the damage buff would be applied to other units besides his main target.

In the end it hit me, why not already use a unit that's only encountered in PvE maps and  create a new card.

And thus i present to you:


Now numbers aren't exactly my thing, so i used w/e came to mind in the moment and basically the names as well.

As for his abilities this is what came to mind.

1. Meteor Shower

Based on the fact that in RpVe and in the Campaign map "Oracle" he's using Meteor Shower, he can have it furthermore.

2. Chain Witchcraft

Bouncing bolt of witchcraft which targets a number of allies and buff's their damage by a percentage amount. (Upgrading the card could cause the number of affected units to increase, alongside other bonuses to either his HP or damage)

Can use the mechanic of casting it every x seconds on units that do not have it.

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Not sure if you are aware, but Warlock is actually getting some changes :) They are currently being tested on the Test server.

I think a legendary umbabwe that can throw meteors is definitly cool tho :) 

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I made the same suggestion as you on discord but as a T4 unit (so the shower can have more boom), and instead of the Chain Witchcraft the passive ability to be a walking breeding ground. On oracle he summons alot of units, so that kinda fits too. The idea is that less people are forced into taking a nature orb, once Blood Healing and Blood Thirst are tuned correctly.

Totally dig the card art =)

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I always thought it was weird that the legendary creatures are neutral cards. Moon is clearly shadow, Viridya is clearly nature, Rogan is pretty much frost, Brannoc is clearly fire, etc. Seeing this guy as neutral instead of fire (or fire shadow I suppose!) again gives me that feeling ''why did the original devs go with the neutral cards for those legendary creatures?'' 

Not saying we are going to (or should) change that,  but it always confused me from a flavor perspective. 

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