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Mutating Frenzy Deathwish Ability Buff Tooltip updated Information

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Buff tooltip doesn't update to current information

The unit "Mutating Frenzy" has a rather unique permanent selfbuff, which increases dmg on %-base but will therefore inflict a fix damage over time.
This can be stacked indefinitely (with every 10s cooldown of the ability).
The +% dmg and fix dot in the buff tooltip on the unit will always be on the first stack (in this case 25% dmg and 30 damage). Therefore it's indistinguishable on which stack the unit is on.


Not sure if this even makes for a decent bug, it is simply something minor.
Maybe this was even back in the original game and was never adressed.
-> Possible since the buff doesn't "upgrade" from 25% and 30 dmg to 50% and 60 dmg etc. but rather seems to be applied multiple times (the unit doesn't take 30,60,90, etc. dmg in one turn but rather multiple instances of 30 dmg)
Meaning that normally the tooltip shouldn't update it's information but rather should be applied multiple times, both might not be supported but the games ui.

Just mentioning it for the sake of writing it down.

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