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[BF Sink] Brainstorming Inflation


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for the gamble i wouldnt go as far that u may get no card back a certain loss is needed but if the loss in amount of cards is to high then the market getting destroyed cause to many cards will be used for a gamble and that would only lead to an increase of the cardpriceses.

in adittion to a gamble it can also be added a fee for the gameble itself example gold (would help against the gold problem) so that u need to play the game farm gold to use the gamble.

for me a start of maybe 500-1000 gold per gamble seems fair. on the card loss possebilit i wouldnt go over 50% and 8 cards as max which is the amount in a boosterpack.

alldo this next thing might not belong in this topic i post it cause would give some option to the gamble and against inflation even if its very slim:
a exchange BFP for Gold and Gold for BFP for expample in a fix rate of:

for 1 BFP you get 10'500 Gold (price of rare upgrde 3 and for ultra rare it needs 2x)

for 40'000 Gold you get 1 BFP (needs 10 cpve or rpve runs to get this amount, fast goldruns would need to only during 6 mins to make it in 1h)

so tecnicly player could farm gold and trade it to bfp but at a very low rate and players that want to upgrade their cards fast to upgrade 3 can use their BFP to get faster Gold. specialy thinking about rare and ultra rare upgrades cause they cost a lot of gold and for that they have to grind a long time to get that amount.

the exchange is so uneven, that new players have a option for a small amount of bfp getting fast gold to upgrade their cards to do PVE of PVP. 
the exchange gold for BFP is for long time players, so they can get a bit BFP for their gold
(keep in mind every player can gain 10 BFP per hour currently that would only be rised a tiny bit) 

Numbres are examples only, the exchange rates doenst have to be this uneven but until the gold reward in cpve are changed, i would make then more likeliy in this ratio

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I agree that any mechanic would also need some gold. but what I would suggest is a cooldown mechanic, that the more gambles you make in a short time, the more it will cost you. the first very cheap to make the mechanic appealing to the masses (like: 1000g), and then you do something like 2500 / 5000 / 10000 / ... and so on. For the powergamers something to spend time on, but a mechanic that still stays relevant for the casuals.

with that gold-based-limitation in mind you dont have to be too cruel to the chances on the gamble anymore. because if it is nothing more then a trash can disguised as gambling. people should be hyped if they hit the button that this could be something really good. like you put 8 cards in (8 because same number as in booster) and you get a acceptable chance to be not screwn over. especially cool would be if your chances change depending on what cards you put into it. additionally, I would add some "lucky" events like you get a mini-boosterpack, or super lucky event to get a promo. maybe to let it contain a promo or legendary card you JUST get from gambling and nowhere else (but still tradeable).

design goal would be that people want to gamble but they cant afford to do it an (almost) unlimited number of times. and with a chance you get stuff you REALLY want. would be interesting on reading up some studies how casinos balance the numbers so people FEEL its very awesome to pull a lever / hit a button on slot machines.

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Jep a gambling with rules like:

put only fire card in and u can only get fire card out
put only spell cards in and u can only get spellcards out
(put only fire spell cards in and u can only get fire spell cards out)

maybe the same also for Twilight, bandit, lost soul, stonekin:
put fire and/or nature and/or twilight cards in and get only nature, fire and/or twilight out(or only Twilight out)
but u can put in 1 fire 7 nature to have the effect or other combination 

for promos:
put in a mixture of 4 colors of unit cards in and get unit cards of the same color out with a chance of promos
(so that the chance for promo is given but aint locked to a color "incl. neutral promos")

exeption put only neutral cards in and u can only get neutral cards out (with exception that it doesnt matter if spell, building or unit)

Daylie reset gives everyone 1 chance to Gamble
for every 1h gameplay 1 additional chance to gamble gets unlocked
but the price doubbles starting at 1000 gold (resets every day)


+ a card loss, 4 cards (rarety x) are needed to start the gamble min. 2 cards (rarety x) will come out but it can also be only 1 card (rarety y)
with 8 card (rarety x) in u can get:
4 cards (rarety x) or
2 cards (rarety x) & 1 card (rarety y) or
2 cards (rarety y) or
1 card (rarety z)


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A bot player, who you send your cards to, and he gives you BFP, i.e. 8 cards(1 booster) give you half a boosters BFP, this way you can half your cards, and try your luck for getting something more desirable. This could probably be implemented overnight and fix the dreaded card spam and scarcity to a large extent. 

P.S. Be aware! Everyone who mentioned card destruction of any sort, is basically voting for invalidating rarity. As does the current supply system already, albeit slower.

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Another cleaner way, that would keep the rarity system in place, keep the boosters and shit in action, would be to simply make cards expire, and BFP will continue to flow and always have a meaning.

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