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This new development is kind of expected since a lot of big German YTs went back to BF/skylords for nostalgia due to its recent release.

I would like to have an inclusive game environment where everyone is welcome.

I like the idea of a new chat channel, but as stated by MrXLink:

1.1. Language
Speak English only on the Forums and Discord Server. You can speak any language in-game. 


Are there numbers / statistics of playerbase by country?


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I'm still new, but I also don't think that we should split the playerbase.

But I also have to say that maybe people from other countries don't understand just how many people in Germany don't speak English. I would say about 50% of the 20-40 year olds I know don't know English well enough to communicate in this game. And I mean normal people, like electricians, architects, sales people, public service, even IT people.

It's crazy when you think about it, but German dubs are really good I guess lol

These people are probably really desperate when they go into the Englisch global chat, without knowing whats going on there.
Also the German translation of the game makes it look like the chat is supposed to be in the local language. You can just type "/anfänger" to chat in beginner, maybe some think this is a German channel because of that, I don't really know.

But to be honest, I can't be bother by other languages in the global chat now and then. I found it's mostly in beginner, so maybe they just don't know better. Maybe the problem solves itself after a few weeks. 

Edit: Typo

Edit2: fixed the stats to display my personal experience.

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19 hours ago, xs0ulLess said:

these are fake numbers

in EU, Germany is the country with the highest % of individuals able to speak English. So if anyone is to write in English, it's us

And yet wikipedias List of countries by English-speaking population says that only 56% of germans speak english, so 50% is not that wrong.

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8 minutes ago, Lunak said:

Well speaking school English and being able to do a conversation in a game are very different topics^^

We learn how to order a train ticket - not how to do a conversation (love our school system) :D

+THAT geesh, that made me recall how bored english class was for me for the first 5 years because after one year I started to speak with someone from england who was learning german at her school.

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so we have english discord, forums, rules, patch notes, server, etc... but that doesnt really matter and here is why:

imagine, for a second:  your whole game is in german. that means german text and german voice! Now imagine they have a question and ask in chat ... of course they ask in german. who could blame them?
How many people are active in the forums/discord? lets say 10% (and that's probably WAY too generous), that means 90% of people only ever come here to download the game once and then just play. So they only experience german for the majority of their time ingame and also ignore chat most of the time. You can counter that only by deleting all but the english client.

in my opinion it makes sense to make an extra german channel.... give it another color and offer the chance to leave it and everything is fine. you gotta moderate that ...sure but you also have to moderate the content if they talk in beginner/global/trade/LFG, so there is not more content to moderate, just another color in your chat!

for the "don't split the community, speak english like we all do" comment: the community is already split, through the language barrier. so might as well give them a different color
you probably dont know any other languages other than english, right? it's the same for many german speaking people. they dont have to use english at all if they don't want to most of the time in their life. EVERYTHING is translated to german. be it movies, user manuals, comics, whatever.  
Also if people are looking for a group in german, they will prefer germans anyway - no matter which channel they use to find each other.

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Maybe this is already possible, maybe via config alteration, but I couldn't find anything about the topic here or on the net in general:

I'd first suggest to increase the amount of chat tabs.
We currently have the general tab for ingame infos and then the other one for the general player interactions.
If we'd have the possibility to add a couple more and decide which tab shows what:
1) Englisch speaking members could more easily manage different chats, while staying in all of them, instead of leaving, because they're too spammy. (I'd love to have a tab for trade, one for lfg, one for strategy/beginner, etc.)
2) German speaking players could have them open and also stay in the englisch speaking ones without cluttering theirs.
Couple this with the rule, that in the general chat ppl should stick to englisch.
Then add a german/other language, lfg/trade/strat/beginner chat in their language.

This will surely partially part the player base, but having some ppl talk in their own language all the time isn't really an united community anyway.

This would also allow german+englisch speaking players to stay in both channels in order to converse with only geman and only englisch players.

Dunno if it's technically possible though.

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