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  1. so we have english discord, forums, rules, patch notes, server, etc... but that doesnt really matter and here is why: imagine, for a second: your whole game is in german. that means german text and german voice! Now imagine they have a question and ask in chat ... of course they ask in german. who could blame them? How many people are active in the forums/discord? lets say 10% (and that's probably WAY too generous), that means 90% of people only ever come here to download the game once and then just play. So they only experience german for the majority of their time ingame and also ign
  2. You don't have to comlpete the 12000 power in one game .. neither do you have to do it in a rpve5. You can just play the content you want to play and get the quest done, just like you want. If you want to complete it as fast as possible, i can understand that it feels like a chore. Maybe changing the playstyle a tiny bit could also bring the wanted rewards. For the quests with play X cards of Y color you dont have to do level 5rPVE either ... you could adjust your T1 for that color and complete it over 3 runs, for example. I personally don't mind quests on campaign maps as there ar
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