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Guide to Ascension Map 2 Expert

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Every time I see someone running it on expert, I commonly see the same issue. They just have poor decks designed for it. So I'm writing a guide on how to do it since there isn't any.

Map 2, can be one of the easiest maps if players know what they're doing with the right card setup. So I'm going to break it down.

The first thing you will need is a proper deck. I will say there is THREE must have cards.

Coldsnap + Frostbite (any color), this is to help control Viridia when she spawns in so a light blade can get into position and undaze itself (also it will save you from bad players.)

Light blade: Light blade is essential here as Coldsnap, Paralyze, Sleep all suffer from the hard CC spam has diminishing returns (anything that stops the unit from doing anything.), taunt and slow are minor CC's and are not effected by it. But when she's taunted and doesn't have a direct attack... she will literally just stand there and the second it's off you can just do it again.

Blue/Black or Black/Blue is the two best deck types for this mode. Because you get access to the "BEST" Defensive tower in the game, Lost launcher (Blue) IMO all you really need to push is Master Archers/Forsaken/Nox Troopers, I prefer Master archers due to their natural bulk means you they can tank the towers a bit better. To give you an idea, this was the lanes I was covering my last win. With this deck (I'm the red lines). Yes this deck will literally allow you to control half the map.



But now to the map guide

Phase 1: Expansion and Setup

Generally depending on the position of 5/6/7/8 you will have some minor strategy changes.

Position 7, it is generally better to get the middle point ASAP, as the attack waves to orb 1/2 will take the same path way (but also means dealing with double attacks. The Mobs also at orb 2 wont do anything while you deal with the linked tower. If someone doesn't have frost glyph, this is the best spot for em. But generally all you will need to do for your middle point is get around 5-6 MA's and charge the link tower to kill one and IMMEDIATELY retreat after it's destruction back to your first orb, have your MA's run behind the orb and pick off the werewolves x 2 attack wave, followed by maulers x 2. With the second linked tower down do the same with retreating if you're not confident in your abilities or taking out the group of guys you've frosted with werewolves first.

Once the primal defender (which is stuck in sky watch mode) is dead, just take the orb and wells, defend it til you can drop around 3 (4 for position 7's case) that will attack and deal with every spawn forever with no repair. For Position 5/6/8, you can take a side orb as your first as you will need to defend both no matter what. This is where the power of lost launchers blue come in. The blues, 3 of them will defend every orb you have without fail from avengers/werewolves/maulers. The best thing is, this will work for Orb 3/4, you can claim every orb with just Master archers (if you want to swap to Darkelf assassins once you have orb 2 if you need to resupply your attack force, be my guest. Try to expand as much as you can (honestly taking your side orbs makes other maps easier as you can offer them support. Also I dont recommend upgrading past orb 2, but do get the wells (and defend them with 3 blue lost launchers.)

For the archer caves, 2 cannon towers will generally do the trick, if it's close to a ledge have a blue lost launcher guarding the cannon tower so it's the first to get smacked by an

Phase 2: Viridia is here!

This isn't that hard, spawn in a lightblade, freeze and slow her til he's unphased and just taunt her (can if she's close to the portal taunt->frost rune if she's close to the portal and want to play safe. This is the safest thing I've seen so far, aggressors are good but I've also seen aggressors chuck her into the portal, where this is dummy proof. If she gets a portal it's a lost, but it's not hard with the deck I've given you because... with lost launchers blue never have to be repaired with good positioning and you can just focus on that mini map and the V. She will try 3 times instead of the 2 from advanced.

Phase 3: Expand

Just do what you do in phase 1, upgrade to orb 3. If anyone is struggling help your buddies get their side orbs. (which has caches to help map 1/3.)

Phase 3: Viridia 2 Electric Boogaloo

Same as phase 2 again, she will take a bit longer to despawn, but by now it should be a joke since you have half the map under control

Phase 4: Expand and get orb 4

Phase 5: Viridia 3, this is the third time with the spawn of her and should be the final one

Phase 6: Viridia boss fight, it's not hard stun lock them with Construct and focus dps one by one. Get anything + constructs to keep her knocked down, It's an easy GG at that point. The only thing is it is possible for phase 5 and 6 to be happening at the same time I learned from the match above. Make sure she doesn't get to the portal.

Recommended Upgraded cards

Master Archers upgrade 3 + Charge 3

Lost Launchers Upgrade 3 + Charge 3 (really just for the charges)

Coldsnap Upgrade 2

Frost Bite upgrade 3 + charge 3

Card Pick reasons


Master Archers: about 10 of them can take all of the additional orbs with proper use of frost glyph.
Light Blade: Pay 25 to stop viridia from moving for 15 seconds
Construct: Phase 6 becomes a joke
Lost Ship/Dragon: Helps cover for allies with shitty defences (like blue and green that game), but not really needed


Lost Launcher Blue: indestructable to their attack waves, will stop the air/werewolves/archers/avengers with 3 of them in a group. Will never need to be repaired and therefore eco friendly.
Lost Launcher Red: Covered by blue, in ledge areas where the melee come out to take em out quicker (used in a few specialized cases, but nice to have as one blue + 1 red does around the same work as 3 blue.)
Cannon Tower: Cover archers caves.


Frost Glyph: Cheap freeze to take out towers to get your wells.
Cold Snap: Longer freeze for Viridia so you can get to her while your allies mess up an easy map I spent most of it waiting for the V markers to show up. It's not needed but nice.
Frost bite: Slow, rotate with freezes as it's a light CC.

Total Cost

Master Archers x 3 = 45BFP Total
Light Blade = 3 BFP
Construct = 130 BFP
Lost Dragon = 15BFP / Ship = 400 BFP
Lost Launcher Blue 21 x 4 = 84 BFP
Lost Launcher Red = 3 BFP
Cannon Tower = 3 BFP
Frost Bite x 4 = 12 BFP
Glyph of Frost = 50 BFP
Cold Snap = 300 BFP

Cheap version (Lost Dragon purple + no Coldsnap) = 345 BFP

Middle range version (No lost ship) = 645 BFP

Expensive cover your dumb allies who have issues defending edition: 1045 BFP.)

But yes that's right one day 40 min grind and one daily = the cheap version which can clear this map no issue

Also a paid message sponsored by the lost soul players.


Replay, is in to give you an idea pretty much the people who did the leg work of the mission was light blue and light green (aka me). Blue was there "there", and green had a defense but no viridia control and luckily had Light blue to light blade them.


Master archers to push + defend

Frost sorcerer / mage are nice as one sorcerer can shield the archer taking the tower hits.

Imperials U3 are nice at holding back maulers from your ranged units.

Soul Splicer (Green) Is nice early on to hold points with minimal units (4 MA's or 2 MA's + 2 Imperials)

But really dropping 4 lost launcher (blue) is the most optimal plan as it keeps you safe from air and the constantly spawning aggressors.

Dropping cannon towers are preferable around archers spawns (2 should keep them perm in check), if beside air instead switch off to blue lost launchers.

Construct makes it so if it's on the viridia boss fight she cant cast spells since she's getting knocked down.



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Very useful thread, and appeared way faster than mine description of the same map.
The thread contains a lot of knowledge I do not mention in my description and is an actual guide, which is a great advantage over my content.

However, if you are looking for a more complete list of effects that work or do not work on Viridya, consider checking my thread.

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Hopefully this will help reduce the fail rate of ascension. So many people go in with decks that a literally useless for it. Also I would like to note that a pair of imperials and frost sorceress' is all you really need to take t2. Usually I get the place secure and the powerwells up by around 4 minutes though I'm working to continue to improve that time. adding master archers in as power comes in can help speed stuff up and having some defense towers up makes life easy. One thing you don't go into either is how amazing mark of the keeper is on this map for shutting down the flyers and windweavers always harassing everything by the t2. Stone Hurler for that M knock back is also amazing for the map for dealing with maulers in particular but also flyers. OH and a healing well with 2-3 defenders + lightblade at each choke point handles pretty much everything coming indefinitetly, especially on position 8 where those 2 choke points handle 4 lanes. Really racks up avenger kills for the benefits those provide. If anyone's ever having trouble holding the line I highly recommend giving that a try to make life a lot simpler when everything handles itself with no repairs or action necessary.

One thing important to note is to make sure to get early avenger kills if you can. Getting that first big punch of power from hitting the first kill goal makes the map a lot simpler. Pays for your t2 and all it's defenses letting you get down to business right away.

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