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When I log in with my e-mail adress, game wants me to create a new character


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To add some information here. On the 18th of December we launched the game officially. So our actual release date which also means, that there won't be any other reset anymore. This was the long awaited reset why a lot of players also didn't play the game.

But due to you playing the game you helped us fixing our servers and make them as stable as they're now.


Have fun playing the game. And I hope you aren't too upset. :)

Merry Christmas!

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Be  sure, some of the long term beta players lost way more. Some of us had the complete collection and all U3.

But I can only heavily encourage you to give the new start a try. Starting with only some basic cards and without upgrades was, at least for me, again a big fun. Alot boosters can be accessed through achievements quite fast and in addition there is a temporarly booster discount of 100 bfb. If you already have a clue where you want to go deck-wise, a decent deck can be buildt in no time.

Give it a try ?

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10 hours ago, Malolo said:

Okay this is really sad, isnt there a chance to get at least the promo cards back? This took so long to get them, actually I dont want to do this all again.. had fun playing pve and pvp, but starting from 0 the 3rd time.. hmm..

Unfortunately we can't do this. But to be fair ... we always told you guys, that there will be a reset on release. Reason behind this is, that during the Stress Test there were some unexpected behaviors of the server, unfair distribution of BFP and Gold compared to new players and so on. Because this was also a testing phase on how to implement new things.

I suggest you start a last time. There will be no more reset in the future. Also the player base is quite big compared to the previous phase. We do have 1500 concurrent players online each day now. So I think it will make even more fun for you.

And be sure: You will get your promos at some time. Only play enough and get BFP and boosters.


Merry Christmas to you all. And see you in the forge.

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